Strange onebox characters


Why does the onebox say “β Macintosh II”?

The glorious inelegance of the 1990s family computer

That’s been showing up lately. I don’t know why.


I’ve noticed this too and wondered but haven’t yet been motivated enough to start a #meta thread so I’ll do the lazy thing and raise the @codinghorror signal.


Allow me.


It appears to be an artifact of the little used and largely superfluous mobile version of wikipedia. An easy fix would be to strip out the .m.


Hahaha! Considering the year I spent working for the Wikimedia Foundation, if the Mobile devs heard their work described that way I think they’d start sobbing :wink:


Maybe philosophy is still in beta?


Look at the html source.

Note that one just says “Philosophy”, while the other adds in \n\t\t\t\t\tβ\n\t\t\t\t\t\tPhilosophy.

kind of weird, but I don’t know my way around the onebox source code, and translating unicode into html gives me hives.


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