Strange reflections on dwarf planet Ceres




Ceres or Rupert? Can you get an interview with Tricia McMillan?


All these worlds are yours. Just please, let Ceres alone, OK? (something wonderful is about to happen)


Don’t worry about that… The messages are for me, Ceres is my last name. All’s well, no need for alarm.



I’m sure it will be something boring and pedestrian – like a previously unknown geological process that will really make us rethink a lot of things about early planetary formation revealed to us only through the use of a robotic probe that’s traveled a good fraction of a billion miles on a revolutionary propulsion system and beams this information, unmetered, to the entire human race.



Beware the Space Magpies. They are attracted to bright, shiny objects.

Apparently Magpies don’t like shiny things here on earth.

But Space Magpies, that’s another matter.


Nice reversal. Reading the summary in my feed reader I thought “Well that doesn’t sound very much like the conspiracy theorists I know.”


Two. Giant. Eyes.







Having just read H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, I can say with authority that what you see looks exactly like the launch of alien invaders on their way to destroy London.


Uh-oh. Reminds me of Pollux IV in Who Mourns for Adonais?
They’ve been waiting for us.


That darn Katz!


It’s got to be artificial. I mean, those two dots are on a perfectly straight line. What are the odds that two points will be on a perfectly straight line? THINK ABOUT IT. </sarcasm>


I have spent a goodly portion of today arguing with people just like that. I swear, someone needs to confiscate my internet…



If that’s salt, the dark spots must be pepper?


Just a space skeeter that got smooshed on the camera lens – good thing that the solar wind burns that shit right off.