Strange TV interview with Samuel Beckett in which he says absolutely nothing

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“Reduce Reduce REDUCE”



More interviewers should learn this technique.


Judging by that face of his, he did seem good at keeping his weight down.


Oh, maybe too much reduce then, one reduce may work, but I’m a 3 reduce kinda guy.


“you must go on, i can’t go on, i’ll go on.”

“yes, in my life, since we must call it so, there were three things, the inability to speak, the inability to be silent, and solitude, that’s what I’ve had to make the best of.”


“Recluse” seems a little unfair to a guy who used to give Andre the Giant and other local kids rides to school in the back of his truck.

Legend Of Friendship Between Samuel Beckett And Andre The Giant Has Been Debunked |


“The one outside of life we always were in the end, all our long vain life long. Who is not spared by the mad need to speak, to think, to know where one is, where one was, during the wild dream, up above, under the skies, venturing forth at night. The one ignorant of himself and silent, ignorant of his silence and silent, who could not be and gave up trying. Who crouches in their midst who see themselves in him and in their eyes stares his unchanging stare.”


I love it. Might have been a little longer.

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Ironically, as much as Beckett was seen as a ‘serious’ Irish writer with a face carved by an austere and profound connection to the human condition, he grew up in a family that mocked him of the comical weight that he held in his feet, ankles and calves. More than a few literary historians have suggested much of Beckett’s upper weight was drawn downward through a ‘thigh slapping’ reaction to common workers jokes that required the participant to enquirer “who is there knocking at my door?”… One such joke had the instigator suggest a cow, known for impetuously interrupting proceedings was indeed upon the doorstep and knocking with cloven hoof “knock knock knock doof doof doof”. The unwitting receiver of this jape, the subject to the telling of the ‘joke’ Sam Beckett himself, was not afforded the proper time to respond! Sam’s considered response was cut short!

The joke played out.

Upon the revelation that this comic theater of common speech, a jape, played in as common surroundings as an Irish pub, it is told, folk lore maybe, that Beckett “lost a hat size and gained a boot size”

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