Stranger danger

A timely reminder of the real origin story of Paddington Bear: an illegal immigrant who came to the UK as a stowaway looking for benefits, and ended up scrounging off the hardworking UK taxpayer:

Actually, this is something that Michael Bond picked up on in 2008 in his 50th anniversary book Paddington Here and Now:

Paddington finds that the shopping trolley he’s left outside the supermarket has vanished and he goes to the police to report it missing. The junior constable he meets soon discovers that Paddington is from darkest Peru, a straightforward admission from another era which takes on a different resonance in the current feverish climate surrounding issues of immigration.


‘I thought I might sleep over there, in that bin’

‘That’s the spirit’

…And that’s with the advantage of a mysteriously pre-existing British accent.

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He studied the BBC. Fiendish bastard.


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