Stranger Things 3 trailer improved with cheery old-timey music

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“Improved” is such a subjective word. :thinking:


Doesn’t do it for me.

Also Dustin’s gaping maw is the scariest thing in the trailer.

Now I kind of want a 19th century version of this show - “Mighty Peculiar Things”?


Not cool, dude. Dustin is awesome, and his teeth are the result of cleidocranial dysostosis, a condition he has no control over. Let’s not be mean to a young actor who’s awesome in his role. I appreciate that the show isn’t trying to hide it.


I know, right? Dustin rocks! All those kids are doing a great job!



I can say without hesitation that I love all the kids on this show. Especially after watching all the “after show” episodes. The host I could live without, but this is one really great group of kids!


No meanness intended, I just thought he was a late tooth loser. thanks for the note (here’s a bit with him talking about it for those who didn’t know)


Yes, let’s support this young actor. I didn’t know that was a thing Gaten Matarazzo actually had, I thought it was digital.

“It’s one of the biggest reasons why I [hadn’t] been getting roles, because of my lisp, and the teeth situation, and my height,” Matarazzo revealed on The Doctors this week. The actor’s condition, also called cleidocranial dysostosis, is a genetic disorder affecting the development of the bones and teeth. One common sign, an absent or undeveloped collarbone, actually caught the Stranger Things creators’ eye while Matarazzo was stretching out before his audition. Because he has no collarbones, Matarazzo can actually make his shoulders touch in the front.

“I started explaining what it was,” he said, “and then once I got the part, they said they’re gonna incorporate that and use it in a realistic way. They asked me if it was okay if the kids in the show had bullied me because of it. I said it’s totally cool. It’s realistic.”



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