Stranger Things theme on a harp and cello

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doggo looks up “Why you stop playing hooman?!”

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looking forward to an episode with Mulder and Scully visiting Hawkins

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Are we talking present day Mulder and Scully time traveling 30 years back? Or a modern update to ST?

hmm, good question. I was really thinking a 1990’s Mulder/Scully but I realize they’re not exactly contemporary with ST. And a convincing 1990’s Duchovney/Anderson could be a stretch.

Well now I’m just thinking about why the movement of the strings is so noticeable in that video. To my (tone-deaf) ear it sounds like the note whose string is most nearly frozen is B3, so I guess it makes sense if the video was shot at 25fps, meaning that string is vibrating at close to the tenth harmonic of the frame rate (246.9Hz). I believe 30fps is usual for phones (?), but 25 is a common option for SLRs.

I was wondering if you’d need to do something special to get the moving-strings effect, but thinking about it, I guess this is the norm for modern camera sensors, because they’re so fast that the “shutter” will only be open for a tiny fraction of the length of a single frame, so it’s like using a strobe light. The frequency difference between two semitones is only 6%, so any normal music is likely to have notes that are close to an integer multiple of the frame rate. It also occurs to me that, since many cameras can now shoot 1200fps or faster, if you shot a stringed instrument in slow-motion you’d easily be able to see the strings move in real time. In fact, if you didn’t want to see the strings moving, you’d probably have to shoot in candlelight.

I could see it working. Modern day M and S get sent to investigate something weird in Indiana. There they meet an older Dustin who explains it all. Cue flashback


It’s the rolling shutter (thanks to predictive text that came out shitter first time round) found in digital cameras. It does similarly weird things to aircraft propellers.

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I think this would come out similarly with any type of shutter, just because the shutter is closed most of the time. The particular thing with a rolling shutter is that it makes solid objects (like a moving fence) look “bent”, but vibrating strings are bent anyway.

Yeah, a combo flashback and present-day 2017 inspection of the closed facility that has been sitting there, boarded up, undisturbed and under Army guard since the 1980s. Mulder and Scully take the cable elevator back down into the hole and dungeon crawl the remaining tunnels that haven’t collapsed.

What’s the MacGuffin to check out? Aliens trying to reopen the portal? Demodogs make a comeback? Smoke monster nostalgic for more mind flaying? Stranger Things smoke monster crossover with Lost smoke monster and XFiles oily alien eye-slick? Barb isn’t really dead… she’s UNdead?

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