Strawberry in the shape of a chicken


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Did you ever want to play questions?

So there is a God … and he loves chickens? Or strawberries?


Well I call bullshit, this does not look like a chicken at all. It is red, and covered with tiny seeds, almost like a strawberry. Chickens have feathers instead of seeds.


I say, son, those Scottish farmers are about as sharp as a bowling ball.


How do we know this isn’t a chicken trying to hide as a strawberry? A very… uhm… tiny chicken…


I don’t know what all the fuss is about; I’ve got a turnip shaped like a thingie.


Oddly enough, it tastes like a squirrel.


if you think that’s weird…look at this freaky ass strawberry my wife bought.


It’s upside down. And it needs a condom.


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