Veiny, slick silicone ovipositors


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Before anyone needs to ask for it;


“To understand the ovipositor, imagine the business end of a chicken, if that chicken was shaped like a penis”—Ze Frank






Corey, are you familiar with the “he who smelt it, dealt it” concept?

Where have you been hanging out?




Or, in the case of certain wasps, if that chicken was shaped like two reciprocating barbed blades.


Love me some Ze Frank. Had the pleasure of meeting him, quite amazing.


California Exotics is now an advertiser?


what the hell did I just watch?

why did I do that?

I am making terrible life choices.


D’awww, that’s cute! But isn’t it a bit on the floppy side?


Rule 34?


I had no idea that this was a thing. The human id is quite amazing.

I tend to think that my own fantasies are insanely deviant and perverse, but then I keep finding things like this that make me feel absolutely white-bread boringly tame by comparison.


It seems there are endless levels of pervier stuff on the net - one persons cute being another persons squick. Or is there an ultimate level of most scary stuff out there, that puts your garden variety guro to shame?


Am I the only one who sees this and is immediately given the impression of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors slash fiction?


Does it comes in purple and green?


Crackers! Crackers! Where is the egg man?


This will end in tears !


One of the thumbnail & link-to-article entries under this post was for “Oh Joy Sex Toy” which leads to horrible, horrible mental imagery.


It’s really very hard not to keep feeding you mental images when you put it like that! Very, very tempting…