Stream Machine water cannon - high pressure fun

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These things can get sand and grit into them when you suck up water. Get enough sand into them and eventually the sand gets caught between the plunger and piston wall and jams the plunger. We know from experience at our local lake front beach.

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Also, they are potentially dangerous. I don’t know about the US, but in the UK if you fired one at someone without prior permission you could be convicted of assault. They could cause serious eye and ear damage.

We never canoe without one! Nice to bilge a bit of water out of the bottom of the canoe.
One time we were stuck going down stream with a leaky rental canoe for a 2 night float. While bilging every 15 minutes was a nightmare, this cannon was invaluable.

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Oh, you’re no fun anymore.


Pressurized water cleaner. Motorized pump, and pressure equaling a kilometer depth of an ocean. Way more pressure, way more fun!

…and yes, you can use one even for hydroforming! (Watch for pump overheating, with low to no flow there’s no cooling.) Some guy who has more fun than I do has some videos on youtube.

…and apparently, if you change the o-rings for hydrocarbon-compatible ones, you can even shoot gasoline or other flammable liquids, and have a flamethrower with decent range…

Edit: here’s the flamethrower,

…and here’s the hydroforming.


Heh - my dad used to sell spray equipment for herbicides and the like. Industrial stuff. He would bring dealer samples home some times from shows. They are so powerful they will blow the paint off your car if you put it at full blast.

And I have to of those styles of water squirters. Their out put simply eclipses traditional water guns.

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They can cut through plywood sheet. Or even through a wooden log. No wonder, the waterjet cutters work on pretty much the same principle.

There are even deaths from the pressure cleaners going wrong. Water jets can pack a lot of oomph.

…thought… what about homemade single-shot water jet cutter, using a pyrotechnic gas generator, pressure vessel, nozzle and burst disk? A tamer version of a shaped charge?


Well, you can make shaped charges that propel explosively-formed projectiles made of water. (-:

DetaSheet and water-filled Tupperware containers. Bomb squads use 'em to ‘disrupt’ suspicious packages. Fun stuff. (-:


Did anyone else use one of these as a kid?

(Yep, grew up well before super soakers, and had to improvise a bit for high pressure water fun).

[btw, not me, just a googled photo…]

A prolapse like that really deserves medical attention.


We have a couple Stream Machines. They come in large and small sizes.

I definitely could see them picking up grit and sand, so make sure you’re drawing from the upper layer of water and not the bottom. They also (obviously) require a large and easily available water source to dip into for frequent filling – basically these are perfect for pools.

They work fantastically in the right scenario though!

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Oh come on! This is concern trolling if I’ve ever seen it.


is there a flag for that?

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I’ve put together a machine like that in the first vid. It was rigged out of an old fire extinguisher for maximum irony.

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There’s water in California?

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If you have access to a lathe, or can get someone who does to turn some o-ring grooves in PVC*, these make a pretty fun/simple DIY project. We make them with kids at summer camp all the time. It’s a relatively self-explanatory project, but since we did make a kit of it a while back we have a set of instructions here –

*you can also do this with a drill press or with some other tools, but none of them are as nice as using a lathe – just bring a case of beer to your local machinist and tell him/her that it’s for the children/for arming the children

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