Fancy high-tech water gun isn't for child's play

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What is with this trend in stock music that sounds like a chorus of digital baby chipmunks?


I love glitchy vocals but the editing of that video was lackluster.

Ironically, having a child has made me less likely to get this…


Next, a battle between this and the not-a-flamethrower.


While the simple plunger type water shooter will definitely move more volume wise, it sounds like with the short burst and accuracy, you can really annoy people hitting specific targets, like your ear.

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The Spyra One doesn’t shoot a stream of water; it shoots precisely measured bursts of “water bullets” that the company claims can clearly and accurately hit targets up to 25 feet away.

Can they kill a man? If they can’t kill a man, they ain’t bullets.

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The stuff for kids is much more inviting of the double entendre…


Wait, did that video just say “100% Pressure”!?! That’s, like all the pressure. How do they sleep at night?



I still want a squirt gun that equals an uncapped 2-liter bottle getting squeezed.

Except that I’m tired of things being shot, so I’ll just settle for an affordable backyard laminar fountain.

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Could be worse. This song is a duet so it has like 200% pressure.


Hopefully there is a filter on the inlet. I’d hate to ruin my expensive water gun by jamming it with sand from the lake bed.

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They could add a thickening agent like methyl cellulose to the water so that instead of shooting discrete water “bullets” it shot loogies.

ETA: Aaaand I just watched the Oozinator video. D’oh!


Not to mention whatever microorganisms are living in there. I remember clogging my SuperSoaker 50 as a kid by filling it up with stream water which started an algae bloom in the lines.

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It has a digital display, on the left side.
So it’s a water gun for right handed people.


Pretty sure you can get the bulk of the enjoyment value out of it no matter which hand one uses.

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Or both if the fancy takes you that direction.

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