Street sculptor creates beauty from cracks and potholes

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Pipe? Was this some sort of Freudian slip?

This is a bit different than I had envisioned. From the description, and the photo of what looked like a South America -shaped crack, I thought he would find cracks that sorta looked like things, then fill in details to make them really take the personality of the thing.

I’ve been seeing faces in patterns of various objects over the last couple years, and was thinking about photographing the object making the pattern that sorta looks like a face fit into a scene that would bring the face out. I need to try that, there are a couple in the house just meters away.

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Can we please stop adding more plastic to the environment, especially on purpose?

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Eee, yeah, hate to be a buzz kill but the one linked from Berlin also looks like it turns a small divot into a slipping hazard in wet weather.

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If you look at his site, the pieces are based on the cracks (+etc) in the pavement, but don’t seem to be left there. They are assembled into… arty thingies?

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What a marvelously inventive way to litter.

ooh I see some sort of pattern recognition…

Puts me in mind of kids’ band-aids.


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