Stretch Armstrong cartoon coming to Netflix


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I remember breaking one of these because I stretched his arms too far and ripped his armpit. My mother had to pay the kid’s parents to buy him a new one.


I was going to make a joke about the premise being a real str—forget it. I want to know what was inside of the one you ripped.


I remember his dog, Fetch Armstrong, and what a horrible lesson it taught kids. The commercial showed a kid stretching the dog while the voice over said, “…and like a good dog, he goes back to his original shape”

I can only imagine how many dogs were stretched and killed by kids because they weren’t “good dogs”.


I came here just to see if someone had already linked to Robot Chicken’s take on the subject.


Netflix and Stretch™


I think it might have been filled with gel…?


Yeah, this:


Wasn’t there a guy with balls and a vacuum seal that you could stretch and then ‘freeze’ in the stretched position? Yes, this guy:


Wonder how many kids got led into this:

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