Stretch Armstrong vs giant neodymium magnet

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Cruel yet entertaining torture!

Good thing Mr Armstrong does not bleed.


So THAT’S where all the 1943 steel pennies went.


How could he survive, when he was stabbed straight in the heart before the experiment really began. For Shame!

He had no chance…


Here’s a fun fact: that clear goo inside of (an original) Stretch Armstrong…?: Karo (corn (high fructose)) syrup. So after your torture sess; fetch forth the pancakes! (bleah)

Kuhn, a chemical engineer, pursued a liquid sugar idea which eventually proved successful. Tremendous quantities of Karo corn syrup were purchased from an A&P supermarket. The syrup was boiled down to get the proper viscosity.


Two years ago a neighbor moved out of their house and did the obligatory throw all the crap that was in the basement into the street on trash night…and we passed by on a family walk…my son saw a stretch armstrong sitting in the pile, picked it and said what’s this, and before I could answer he pulled his arms and they just ripped off.
“Oh well” I said and we tossed back into the trash.

The next week we were on vacation and wondered into a toy/comic book shop that happens to sell a ton of vintage used toys and collector items and stuff and the guy told me that even a dried out stretch armstrong will go for up to $1000 because they are so rare. Apparently they dry out, rip and break and don’t last years like other toys making them rare/valuable.

“oh well”.


Do they make a new reissue of this then because I was thinking the same thing he should not be able to actually stretch if he is that old.

Or did this guy destroy a vintage very expensive toy



Has to be a reissue.

I can’t be the only one that was fantasizing about another doughy blonde puppet getting stuck to a magnet and impaled by hardware.


There is always someone else.

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Worst cenobite transformation scene ever.IMG_6116bb


This is like… Magneto defeating Superman! Ain’t right!

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So what do you do with a giant magnet like that after the show’s over? It’s not something you want to leave around the house, presumably. (I’m also wondering how it’s delivered safely to your house…)

Somehow, this already went viral and headlines predict game changer qualities for LHC / CERN. (While, if this holds up all the boasted promise, it would be possible to shrink the colliders, so maybe small HCs? Black holes for everyone!)

I’m somewhat worried, though - this one comes from Florida.

Uh-oh. Magnetic Florida man is magnetic, but how does he work?

Let’s do the marketing for them:
Florida magnets. Switching between attractive and repulsive in nanoseconds.

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I liked where he tried to pry off the excess bits of metal with a hammer and then was all “oh no, my hammer’s stuck!”