Stretch your power with this 10 foot MFi-certified braided lightning cable

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Remember when BoingBoing despised banal, faceless commercialism?


From feudal serf to spender
This wonderful world of purchase power

Hm, not really. But it sure has intensified.

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$20? The Amazon basics cable is $6, and it’s better than the apple ones. You could get one of those, and lose it before it wears out, and get another one, and still save money compared to this.

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I’ve been reading BB for many years and I am finally disappointed in- ooh, 33% off??


what not cryogenically treated?.. pass :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, tangle-free and oxygen-free? If it was only tactical as well, I’d buy it. And I don’t even own any Apple products.


And disruptive.

Or just buy a much cheaper USB extension cable and plug the lightning cable you already own into that. I mean come on.

I’ve found the Anker cables to be better than the Amazon ones. The lightning connector is too large to fit some cases, yet doesn’t provide any strain relief so they failed quite quickly.

I vaguely recall being able to believe that products showing up on boing boing were being honestly appraised.

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Yeah, I feel like we accidentally used up all our outrage on the cannon fodder. After getting maximally annoyed by BoingBoing writers doing product reviews that looked like they might possibly be paid placement, we’re left with nowhere to escalate when they suddenly just start letting advertisers post unmodified ad copy straight to the article feed. #DisappointedInBoingBoing

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ooh… oxygen-free copper! BB has really gone downhill since they started this e-commerce stuff. The beginning of the end.

Well, I don’t care about oxygen-free, adjective-filled cables, but I just ordered my second one as the braid has meant the cable was more or less indestructible (albeit at the cost of it not doing sharp turns as it’s somewhat thicker).

Not the cheapest, but suits me well enough, anyway.

Your loss. Adjective-filled equipment has been shown again and again to perform better than adjective-free in unscientific, non-blind tests the world over.


What’s beautiful about your reply is that it has been proven correct in scientific, blind tests the world over.


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