10 Lightning connector cables for $10

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/28/10-lightning-connector-cables.html

And hey, out of a batch of 10 if only 1 or 2 work you’re still getting a bargain.

3 foot cables are nearly useless to us. I use a six foot one, my spouse uses a 10 foot one. And because we do need to synch data from time to time, we buy certified cables. Mostly from monoprice.

Do they work though?

Also, just pointing it out - this is twice now that AMZ has had a higher price than is in the blurb.
I like supporting BB through links, but for me this deal is showing at ~$15.
Few days ago, the hair removal brushes clocked in at seven vs the $2 in the article… but I thought that was due to the link being a day or so old. Not hours.

I get that I coulda just gotten there late, but am wondering if it’s part of amz’s price skewing.

Replace your lightning cables once little corrosion spots show up on the connector, usually well before they break. The corrosion will spread, and if there’s enough on the socket side in your device, you’re doomed.

I suspect mark gets offered better deals.

My cat loves to gnaw on cables. Only the white ones of course. I’ve taken to leaving out all her previous conquests after their demise in the hopes that target saturation will confuse her and some of the still-functional ones will sneak through.

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