Stross's Merchant Princes books in omnibus editions


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The annoying thing is that he updated and re-edited these for this edition. That’s good for folks who haven’t read them as they get a better set of books. For those of us who read them as they came out, we have to decide if it is worth a re-read just for some updates! :smile:

Well, given the chance, who can blame him? It was originally in this form, but they made him split each book of the trilogy, now they are back together, and some repetitive materiel has been removed, and things generally cleaned up.

I don’t blame him. I just wish I’d read this version…

…and have been for about a year haven’t they? Or by the glories of regional publishing have they only just been allowed into the former colonies?

Is the Merchant Princes series complete?

I’m pretty sure they just came out a few months ago in the three volume set.

For years… unless you mean the new trilogy set in that universe a generation later that he’s just finishing.

This three volume set came out about a year ago in the UK, but the previous six volume set had never all been released over here (thank you pricey imports!).
Now I’ve ended up buying these books twice, but Charlie’s cat’s catnip isn’t going to buy itself.

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