Stuck for last-minute gift ideas? (please read)

Then give probably the best gift you could, a bed and a meal for a homeless person at Christmas.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the fact there are vulnerable people that will be sleeping rough at Christmas, in the civilised world is an embarrassment - especially when we’re all buying each other shit we don’t need for a holiday we don’t believe in.

Centerpoint (UK) has such a modest goal for Christmas, and they’re not too far off. They help get young people off the streets:

If anyone wants to recommend any other homeless charities (especially for those in other countries), please feel free, the more the better. Let’s start a real BB gift guide.

Thanks everyone!


This is great, Rob, I hadn’t seen it!

For those of us on this side of the pond, there’s still time to hit the grocery store for a case or three of canned staples, and drop it off at the local food bank. . .

Heck, here in DC Metro, there is, or at least WERE, several grocery chains that would sell you a pre-packaged box of canned staples, reportedly sufficient to feed a family of 4 for several days. (We’ve moved since then, but used to buy a box a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and drop them off at the food bank on the way home. . .)


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