Students caught tunneling out of school


This would be more surprising if schools stopped treating children as prisoners.


Is the UK modelling their school system on the Soviet gulags?

Pretty sad when students feel like they are in prison and not school.


As long as schools continue to teach the subversive works of Mark Twain, it’s completely understandable that children will embark on such treachery.


Back in the day, for various reasons, I felt school was a prison - but I could just walk out the front door if need be - and sometimes I did.

I wouldn’t send my kids to a school like this and I question why anyone would.

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How the hell did this make it onto BoingBoing I’ll never know.

I use to go to the school myself though at a different site to the one this story is about. The site I went to is going to be shut down they will be moving and expanding everything to this site where this incident happened.

As for the kids they are kinda trouble makers anyways and seeing as it’s in a crappy area of Nottingham so it’s expected to keep it as secure as possible during school hours though I have a feeling they just wanted to get a bag of chips or something who knows.

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This is presumably why Gove wants such things removed from the curriculum in favour of more ‘British’ books (that’s if he actually has a reason for anything he does, which seems more and more unlikely).

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Inspectors pointed out the pupils’ lack of self-discipline, high levels of absence and poor attitudes, while attendance remains below the national average.

My God, what an inhumane punishment!

Well, it certainly sounds like an effective team building exercise.


Inspectors pointed out the pupils’ lack of self-discipline, high levels
of absence and poor attitudes, while attendance remains below the
national average

How high are the fences at the other schools?

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Ah, there it is at last! The “Kids Are Bad” argument, a staple of any discussion involving children.

Funny how children are innately just terrors, yeah? I mean, why treat them with anything resembling respect or fairness when they’re just intrinsically foul? But treat them like garbage and at least some of them will fall in line and pretend to behave.

Think about it - the adults don’t have to waste time and energy being patient or compassionate, they can instead vent their collective frustrations about life in general on powerless victims who can’t fight back, and it doesn’t have any negative effect at all on the children, because they’re already rotten so it’s not like they can get worse! Win - win!

Just keep them toeing the line until they graduate and become someone else’s problem - like the police, since they’re all such trouble-making miscreants and the first thing most of them do is land themselves in jail, where they damn well deserve to be, eh?


Like I said mate. Shit area sure some of them can be alright but for the most part it’s pretty shitty I went to the school myself and to that site on a fair few time. The facility is great the people both staff and students not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

But like I said I find it funny this made it onto here.

how are you surprised?

Creative kids working together to dig a tunnel out of a strict environment is basically what this site is all about.

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