Students substitute gun control protest for active shooter drill

You, sir, are a model for parents everywhere. Good luck!


The thing is, duck and cover is actually a reasonable reaction in some situations. If you are outside of the fiery inferno portion of the blast you may still be inside the flying debris and structural damage part of the blast.

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What about this scenario:

  • Government tightens firearm regulations
  • Liberals abide to new regulations
  • Conservative gun nuts don’t
  • Police going after rebellious gun nuts turns to violence
  • Alex Jones calls to arms because aliens from the 3rd dimension want to take away freedum
  • Gun nuts conservatives realize they just became most powerful militia in the country
  • oh shit now wait… what?

Just an idea.

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One day the second amendment will be repealed. I look forward to it.

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But gun nuts are already the most powerful “militia” in the country. Are you asking whether they would engage in open warfare with the government if confiscation is attempted? If so, yes, in a heck of a lot of instances. Not all, but a bunch.

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I know, I know. But they’re not triggered enough at this point.

I think the special thing about American politics in recent decades is that it has basically become two cultures. A lot who voted for Trump didn’t seem to like him that much, but could no more vote for Clinton than for, say, Vicente Fox, because she’s basically from a different country than them. Fox is Mexican and Clinton is from the “country” of Liberalism.

Gun control can only be meaningfully advocated, the NRA protested, by people from inside their culture. If a zillion Bay Area hipsters marched against the NRA, it would make the NRA stronger, verify that it was the opposition to those foreigners. BLM marches for police reform only confirm that the police must be the good guys, and so on.

The kids are getting cut some slack because they’re kids and not yet clearly identified as hated Liberals (which is a cultural designation, I repeat, not really a political position - like people are “Evangelicals” even if they don’t go to church or care about adultery; they were born and raised Evangelicals…).

Any effort to reform American gun laws has to come from inside the community or it will just harden opposition. The kids have to be prepared to toss anybody under the bus who might make them look like Liberals, rather than good conservatives who’ve just Had Enough.


This could fizzle, or it could be a massive tipping point (thread):


No, some adults need to start running the country so that there’s no need to turn to traumatized youth to get the right nuances in their policy suggestions.


That should make for some interesting union meetings.
And PTA conferences.
And Board of Education / Superintendent pay raises.


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Conservatives: Support our troops! Blue lives matter!

(Democratically elected government implements long-overdue common sense gun regulations)

Conservatives: Quick, shoot all the soldiers and cops!


I’m starting to strongly believe the historical success of the NRA to make itself #1 will be it’s eventual downfall.

It follows a predictable human story, “all or nothing” expansion aimed at securing as many gains a person/group can get for itself for no other reason than because it can.

But once the group is on top of its game and dominates the entire system the cracks begin. Then a new generation of kids grow up, see it on top, and say “we’re cutting you down to the ground” and as the decades roll by the gun nuts become a fragmented minority nobody cares about.

This is why you see a number of republicans calling for gun control now. Currently the so called “moderates” but this group will likely grow. They know if they don’t do something now and keep the issue “debatable” an entire new generation will turn into a majority of 2nd amendment haters bent of making all guns illegal.

Which sadly could mean the less that gets done now would probably mean better results down the road in the form of the elimination of any and all constitutional rights to carry weapons.


Too late.


Hmm. I’m for amending the second amendment, because:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, given that Pluto is a planet, Trump being president, blue being better than green, knowing that Han shot first, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Comes down to:

Blah, blah, blah, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It needs to be changed.

It needs to be: In a well regulated State Militia, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Looking in from outside the US, from a country that doesn’t have this problem, this is heartening.
However, as someone else somewhere else observed, after Sandy Hook, America decided that its right to own firearms was more important than its children’s lives.
I really hope this makes a change, but I suspect that you’ll need to change out a lot of politicians before this has any traction.


Good for them.


They even had an active JROTC program, with an air rifle team.

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Nah, we sent them lube and dildo’s


Lady Macbeth agrees with you, but MBAs made a science of it.


This time definitely feels different, like we’ve finally actually hit an inflection point, even if there’s still a long way to go. As horrible as it was, this shooting seems to have made the pro-gun establishment some particularly potent enemies: teens who grew up with a literal lifetime of “active shooter” training and armed security guards in the hall that were shown to be as useless as the “it’s too soon, don’t politicize this” do-nothing debates that led them to this tragedy, newly energized to use their first vote to go after anyone who stands in their way, with the time and righteous take-no-shit-from-anyone anger to speak out for themselves in public and mobilize their peers on social media.

And with the Florida state legislature voting just today not to ban assault rifles, I have a feeling they’re not going to go away any time soon. Do not piss off teenagers.