'Multiple Fatalities' in Florida Mass Shooting: Suspect in Custody, 20+ Injured at Parkland's Stoneman Douglas High School


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Fuck everyone who continues to support the gun policies that allow this kind of thing to happen with such horrific regularity. That is all.

(See you when the next mass shooting happens in another few hours.)


These fuckers won’t be content until everyone who isn’t rich is either dead or in jail.


That illustration sums it up well.


America continues to worship its Moloch.



It’s never too early to say that it’s too early to talk about gun control.



No matter how much someone will inevitably come along blathering about how “violence in general is actually down” and “the world is so much safer than it has been in the past,” it sure as fuck doesn’t feel that way.

It feels like “slippage,” and that ‘the world is moving on.’


Yup, that same ol mantra




Now we just need to wait until the identity of the shooter is released, so we can determine once more if shooting up a school is an act of terrorism, or something something mental illness something homelessness something…


Wow. Fox just has an ongoing article that lists out school shootings as they happen.

I think that says something.


Might be safe to assume shooter is white cause no race provided in identifying shooter other than clothing.


Columbine happened while I was a young teacher in the district I have now returned to after all these years. It feels unreal to me that after my entire adult career we are still here, still doing this, still haven’t resolved to change. When I read the above I could feel the stress hormones pumping, my chest is tight, I often wonder what I would do in this kind of situation. Makes me wish I lived somewhere else. (I originally said it was the year I was student teaching, but I looked it up and it was actually Oklahoma city.)


Except for the transgender ones, or the gay ones, or the immigrant ones, or…


The most unreal thing about Columbine for me is that one of the most horrific acts of violence in American history doesn’t even crack our top 10 list for deadly mass shootings anymore.






You mean whether the shooter is White or not, I presume.

If he is, roll out the lone wolf/mentally unstable apologia.

If he’s ‘Other,’ get ready for a metric fuckton of ISIS/Antifa/BLM finger pointing and misdirection.

I’m so goddamn tired of this cyclical insanity; some days I think the meteor is probably out best case scenario, and I hate feeling that way…


In either case, don’t forget the ol’ “false-flag” incident.