Students wore boxes on their heads during exams to prevent cheating

Or using their phones inside the box directly…

I don’t think Gwenyth Paltrow’s character in se7en ever cheated on an exam after the final scene, so there’s some evidence this works.

I would have brought a larger box and climbed in it so I could have my own private fort in the middle of the classroom.

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Came here to write this, glad I didn’t have to. Unfold boxes, wedge between desks. Problem solved, PR-disaster-free.

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They should have made them all decorate the boxes first, and combine it with the grade for art class :slight_smile:

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If I had a pixelated box like that, I’d wear it around my waist and go as Japanese porn.


Heh, it was actually a USPS shipping box combined with a cut-up window screen and paint.

I think students learn more practical skills from cheating than studying. That said, the harder it is to cheat, the more valuable the lesson. Brilliant!

I never cheated, because it was actually easier to study than to go through the social anxiety of the cheating process, not because of virtue or actually wanting to know the material.

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