Study finds nice people sometimes win


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Well, it sure would be nice to imagine that people are getting tired of being bossed around by dick-swinging egomaniacal wankers, but I’m not exactly gonna be holding my breath waiting for a paradigm shift to hit the zeitgeist in favour of a more collaborative and holistic approach.


Even if this article has a valid point, the rhetoric is so “creative” I can’t get through two paragraphs. Gandhi? Really? Satyagraha is feminine?


I would rather work with people that are nice. I do what I do for the team and for the win. Often I see dicks are sociopaths in leadership positions who got there by screwing over everyone in their proximity. You need a strong and large culture of nice people deal with the dicks in the room.


Nice is definitely a better idea when dealing with cops.


Being nice can be a positive-sum game.

Just guard your side to not dip below zero for too long. Bitterness lies that way.


More like Ghandi? So a racist ego maniac.


Define nice.


Other study finds that some people aren’t as nice as you thought they were.


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Your point is well made and hard to disagree with. That said, that’s one business-buzzword-heavy sentence.


You can’t let the wankers have any words they didn’t make up themselves.


In similar research, I found this Ted talk about high achievers running businesses to very enlightening:


I hope you are just being snarky :). But in case no…

Golden rule
Unconditional kindness


I find it more likely that nice people are less likely to frame scenarios in win/lose terms.




That’s pretty much exactly why I’m an anarchist.


I think those attributes are ways to live peacefully, but not necessarily in the world of capital and commerce.

The kind of kindness described in the article are those of co-operation in planning and implementation in professional environments, where one need not like the people in your work group, but need to put aside emotions for the pay-off of success.

The article then degenerates into a gender screed where men are bad/wrong and women are good/ right, which helps nobody in business.

If this is snarky, then so be it, but it doesn’t change the fact that business is business.


Yep. Business success demands that everyone involved be compensated.

Occasionally there are criminal acts, but that’s humans at work and play.


I would argue (and not being snarky) cooperperation and planning are common emergent behaviors of the golden rule. But that is just my opinion, I have no studies to back it up. And the question I was attempting to answer was simply What Is Nice. (Pretty open ended, really)