Stunning body paint portraits shared by a reader in the Boing Boing Flickr pool

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Gee, I wonder how stunning American Indians find these images.

Granted I’m not familiar with every tribe’s historical iconography, but I’m not noticing any specific Native American stylings in the photographs. Or are you just referring to the fact that the woman is wearing feathers and appears to be representing a bird?

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Specific iconography is hardly the point. Do you think the Washington Redskins trademark represents any specific iconography? Many Native Americans aren’t too pleased with that, either.

This is nothing like the Washington Redskins logo. The logo depicts a Native American and is labeled as such since it’s the name of the franchise. I don’t see anything specifically referencing Native Americans in this photography. The point about the specific iconography is that maybe this does indeed reference some specific iconography of a Native American tribe that I’ve not seen before. You seem to think there’s an obvious connection to something racist here and I’m just not seeing it unless you assume Native Americans have a monopoly on depictions of humans as birds and wearing feathers.

And upon actually looking into the source of the bodypainting, it turns out that it’s meant to depict a phoenix, which is an ancient Greek mythological creature.

I wonder how stunning ancient Greeks would find these images…

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