Stunning great white shark footage




SO glad I’m not a seal near Guadalupe Island, Mexico!


At 1:29

“AHAaarrrgh!! nom nom nom nom nom…”


At 1:55, you can watch bits of (I think) shark tooth drift by as it tries to nom the metal seal.


Yeah I think it probably continues “nom nom nom nom… whaaaaaaa?”


The ocean is chock full of things that are tasty living within crunchy outer shells ---- that shark had to try.


I don’t blame the shark. I blame humanity.


That was so great.


Hmm, looks like sharks aren’t exactly going to dethrone dolphins as the most intelligent creatures in the sea.


Not even crocs:


Breathe, just breathe, I’m on land, in an office, NOT in the ocean, being devoured… Now I know what Cory feels like when he watches high-tower climbers. That was better than any horror film I’ve ever seen.


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