Stunning visualization of Kung Fu motion capture data


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OMG I love this so much. But I had to replace the music with Photek - Modus Operandi. Same feel but better execution.



I’d like to see the same artist work with traditional Indian dance.


Now that was truly wonderful.


That is not very panda like


I wager that if you did one of those but of the guy swapping your old winter tires for summer/3-season tires, it’d look just as impressive.



Man bowed.


I would like to see this technique applied to Nathan Barnatt


$2 says that this inspires the special-FX of a martial arts movie, for depicting some kind of shadow-warrior ability :slight_smile:


For some reason it reminded me of this…



I love me some Autechre but have to confess I haven’t seen that video before. Thank you. It kind of reminds me of a trippy product video for a quartz dish for dabbing.

Of course now I’m listening through their old catalog. Currently: Amber


I’m mesmerised by that track and that video. It is great to play LOUD. I often come back to it when I need a full reset!


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