Video series about selling an ugly painting for a lot of money

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Why is the thumbnail full of douchebros? Is that the ugly painting?


It’s a video clip of a bunch of douchebros made by a bunch of douchebros…
…get it?


It’s bad, but it’s not Museum of Bad Art bad.

Meh, at least the banana painting would be amusing for a while.

Other modern art is kind of trash IMHO.


“a geometric abstraction without reference to external reality. Yet the picture is not impersonal: we see the artist’s hand in the texture of the paint and in the subtle variations of the whites. The square is not exactly symmetrical, and its lines, imprecisely ruled, have a breathing quality, generating a feeling not of borders defining a shape but of a space without limits.”

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Yeah, a tremendous amount of art exists merely within the sphere of taste makers who participate regularly and can see the iterative nature and an individual’s impact. Unfortunately, much of this devolves into the very horseshit self-validation you posted and the art itself devolves into utter rubbish that can only be seen by those deeply immersed in the ecosystem (coughs Jackson Pollock).

This is also how twitter works.


That’s not even that ugly. Artists these days, they’re not even trying.

I have to say…he’s been an inspiration for my 7 y/o. We saw one at the local fine arts museum in Boston and I remarked “pffft. You could do that.”.

Gears in her head started turning…paints and paper came out when we get home…I had to work in the other room for an hour or so…I check on her later…

I meant you could do that if you put plastic down first!.

She had fun, and until the kids are out of the house I refuse to buy furniture I care about.


just look at it


I once did a similar prank of putting up a framed work in an art gallery, and then stepping back to observe. It was quite easy putting the work up. The photo was a framed 8x12, a great portrait image of a woman who actually worked at the AGO. I hung it in a smaller room which actually had an exposed nail from a missing artwork, and then filmed folks looking at it. It was hilarious until the moment I realized I had to take the work off the wall…suddenly, the true nature of ‘art theft’ sunk in…I had to grab and bag the framed work, and then walk out of the gallery!

Actually, that was easy too. I pulled it off the wall without a problem. This was largely aided by the fact that I was there with my whole family, and thus appeared to be harmless. and it was near the end of the day, everyone wanted to go home.

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Not gonna watch it, but maybe I’ll just look at it.

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Say what you want about these guys but they make interesting content. I wouldn’t have thought so by looking at them but hey, book vs. cover.

Their Scientology expose was the best ever done, and this first episode is pretty damn good too.

Based on their Scientology series I would guess that 2 or 3 of the next 7 parts will be disjointed and full of their in-group humor and almost unwatchable, but 4 or 5 episodes will be amusing and interesting.

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Sick burn, take that Malevich.

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You should have just left it there. Maybe it would have become part of their permanent collection.

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