Strobe flashes leave dancer's fleeting shadows on photosensitive screen

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Well this is an “old trick” that artists in the past have used to create interactive installation. I can’t remember the artist name, it was maybe part of the Kinetic Art movement in Italy in the 60s, when you could flash UV light on people without gathering much criticism :smiley:

We have this in one of the clubs in Berlin. One side of the hallway to the dancefloor is painted in luminescent colour, the other side has strobes that fire every 20 or so seconds. It leaves silhouettes of the people coming and going and some people “write” quick messages on the wall with their phone torches.

It’s fun :grin:

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Boston’s Museum of Science had one of these when I was a kid (could still be there actually). I think my friends and I spent more time in that room than any other exhibit.

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Yep. My local Children’s Museum had one when I was a kid.

My aunt has one.

Nude Descending a Staircase II
Marcel Duchamp, 1912

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