Stupid Cellph One Tricks?

I haven’t done any, but I have a nice old Android phone which is disconnected. So I am wondering how far people get in tinkering with these before hitting a wall of inherent limitations makes it impractical to pursue further.

With the increasing heaps of old mobiles out there, I am becoming more interested in their hackability. In the 90s, I was trying to make a wearable computer and I lamented the lack of robust, low-power electronics out there, which people made fun of me over. I mused that it would be great if someday there were shovelfuls of ubiquitous, low-power Linux computers for everybody… but now that they are here, I think they kind of suck. XD Mostly because of limited I/O and OS options. But why shell out $20-30 for a Pi or embedded system if one has a drawer of unused phones?

  • Have you ever added new user accounts to your phone, like on a regular OS?
  • Have you ever installed an alternate OS from scratch (not updated), or run code on metal?
  • Have you ever used non-standard I/O options, such as serial RX/TX pads, GPIO breakout, etc?
  • Have you ever configured a computing cluster of phones?
  • Have you done any alternate cellular/radio work with your phone?

Any other ideas?


Cellph One?


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