Styx's Renegade with every lyric turned into an AI generated image

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I notice ‘nevermore’ always brings up a raven.

I suspect the guitar with a broken neck may be a ‘guitar break’.

But this is still good, particularly when you consider it has come from virtually nowhere in. It is technology. You don’t expect a camera to point itself and take good pictures. I don’t expect this stuff should work entirely unsupervised. But it may do the grunt work for us, and occasionally inspire with a shaft of random brilliance.

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I think Rob is understating the threat. While the generated images certainly have a common feel to them that will quickly get old, there’s a lot of people who would be fine and happy with them for their blogs, backgrounds, or whatever. Those are people who would no longer be seeking out (or paying for) human-created art.

The economics of creating art have always been right on the edge, with a lot being created by artists willing to tolerate depressingly low incomes. This won’t help them.

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These images are certainly ideal for grim-dark RPG projects.I had a play around on midjourney and was surprised at how easily I could “create” and image that would work well in an adventure for the “Over the Edge” RPG.

Looks like the judge blames society, I guess…

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