Suburban LEGO Sisyphus mows his lawn over and over again


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The stuff people come up with for Legos is always pretty astounding :smiley: Love the ingenuity with this lego automata


This seems to be representative of home ownership.


My parents tried mowing their front and backyard themselves. Front yard isn’t a problem but their backyard is huge. After a few tries at moving tall grass during humid summer days in Houston my parents said screw it and they pay to have it taken care of.


LEGO bricks themselves are delightfully sisyphian. The builder creates order, then entropy, then order, then entropy. The task is never done, but somehow is inspiring, not exhausting as the builder travels through the cycles of inspiration, perspiration, accomplishment and detachment over and over.


While at shopping for an item at home depot, I am usually disappointed that i have to fill my home with something from Home Depot, so I sarcastically joke to myself “which one of these three x’s most represent me as a person”. Existential depression ensues.

Later, on my way home from Home Depot, I pass my elderly neighbor who is mowing his lawn again, just like he does every day. More depression.

I never guessed my suburban existential crisis would manifest into art in such a wonderful way. Thanks!


it was just two weeks ago that i got a strange look for mentioning that mowing was a sisyphus like task.


If someone has kids the system has more entropy than order. With time pieces get lost, damaged, misplaced in other sets, etc until only chaos sets in and every set gets thrown in a common bin


I can laugh at this Lego man, now that I don’t live in Florida any more.


I would nope so fast and hire a professional. Not worth it.


The lawnmower man looks like a Cardassian.



Ah, I see you’ve gotten a glimpse of my son’s room.

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