Subway customer shot and killed employee and injured another over "too much mayonnaise"

Related…we had a Church’s Chicken employee murdered in Chula Vista, CA at the beginning of the pandemic because they wouldn’t accept a $100 bill as payment. :man_shrugging:


Heavens, no! That’s what the hot oil/homemade mayo is for. It’s delectable on a grilled Hot Dog.

But now I’m off topic, and hungry.


I think any condiment in general, people tend to have very strong feelings about ketchup, mayo and mustard in certain things. Unless you’re from Latin America, generally you get all 3 individually added to whatever, or mixed together in what we call Salsa Rosada (pink sauce)


Sam Alito celebrates today.


Odds are good they are a white man with a history of violence against women.


What I want to know is, why hasn’t some person not gone berserk and (for instance) shot out all the windows of whatever building the NRA meets in? And the windows of the State Senates where they encourage open carry? I’m sure modern weapons can put windows out at a range of a mile or even three, and telescopic sights could manage this range without too much bother. Nobody needs to die, and it just might concentrate these assholes’ minds a little.

as a generalization, people on the left side of the political spectrum in the US seem to abhor violence. A trait that the right knows about and counts on.


Just this year, arguments at Atlanta restaurants and bars have led to deadly gunfire at least a half-dozen times

You know, I was going to make the obvious, sarcastic joke about solving this problem by arming fast food employees… but the humour, such as it is, kind of hinges on the patent absurdity of the suggestion, and it’s less absurd than what people are actually, seriously proposing for kindergarten teachers, so… yeah, I got nothin’, sorry.


That’s not false; but even on the right the allocation of violence is unintuitive in some respects.

I’m obviously not expecting the NRA to get shot up any time soon; but something like, say, opioid addiction has both plenty of victims on the right/with right-wing friends and/or relatives; and it also has identifiable authors who live and work in specific places; and yet being Purdue Pharma management is a surprisingly safe line of work. Similar thing with workplace violence in general: someone shooting a direct supervisor or erstwhile business partner or something isn’t unheard of; but attacks that jump a substantial number of layers of the org chart are practically unheard of; despite plenty of promising candidates who’ve rightsized entire company towns worth of potential antagonists.


Last week I was working outside at a large marina, a guy was riding his bike when a guy in a truck almost hit him.

The guy on the bike stopped to complain about it to me and my wife.

A couple minutes later the guy in the truck came back and apologized, he explained that he thought the bike was going to turn but either way he accepted he made a mistake and apologized.

The guy on the bike went bonkers, screaming at him. The guy in the truck sat there and took it. The bike guy kept getting angrier and angrier, finally the guy in the truck said forget it and drove off.

The guy on the bike chased him while still screaming at him.

Thank God the bike guy didn’t have a weapon.

Point is, guy did right thing by apologizing but it still set off the other guy.

With concealed guns for everyone we have no way of knowing who is going to snap so be very careful before engaging anyone.

I’m no way saying the victim in this story did anything wrong, I’m saying it sucks that none of know whose carrying and of those people which one is going to kill because they had a gun.

Without the gun that guy probably would have still lost his temper and got violent but the woman would likely be alive.


What a useful illustration of how the 2nd Amendment has murdered the 1st.


Indeed, it is what drives the right’s entire ‘asymmetrical warfare’ political strategy - they rely (nay, depend) on those opposed to them not descending to their level (just like the average fascist mob will beat up an individual but if a group stands up to them they run).


gods… and summer’s just barely started.


Falling Down: 25 years Later, Does America Get That Michael Douglas’ Flat-Topped Avenger Was the Villain?


Yeah, this. There’s no way he was a normal, non-criminal person until he just snapped over mayo. I’ll look up this story in a couple of days and see if they release any more background on the guy and will post whatever I find here. If someone were willing to take my bet on this, I would bet my house that he has prior convictions and is prohibited from possessing firearms.

Ha! Kiddo’s special lunch treat is a boiled hot dog wrapped in an untoasted slice of honey wheat sandwich bread with ketchup! Her dad won’t sit at the table on those days.

Let me know when you’re coming over for lunch!


You really don’t have to…


Once again, man murders woman for no real reason. Maybe only we women (other than boebo the clown, etc) should be armed. :woman_shrugging:




A much younger coworker wondered aloud why no left wing do-gooder (?) had assassinated shrub, jr while it was preznit. I explained to him that murder is a weapon in the bad guys’ toolbox, not ours. We then simultaneously sighed.

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