Suck the balls! Pneumatics + plastic balls = fun at Kraków's Goethe Institute


The little balls end up in a container above the ball pit, from where they shower down onto the operator, when he pulls a handle.

A golden shower, as it were.


Perhaps it would be better to think of them as Purity Balls.


THE LEAST they could do is offer a t-shirt that states:

GOETHE (Institute)

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Suck the Balls. holy. shit.

I always thought the phrase was “Cup the balls and work the shaft”. I’m sure this is just a translation error.


As much as I loathe modern-day Silver Dollar City–they’ve done away with pretty much everything that would interest Makers–they have this area that my kids were nuts for.

I can’t find any good videos. It’s all shakycam, or people focused solely on their kids. I didn’t get any video, because I was having too much fun.

Those guns have a hopper you can load with those tennis-sized balls.

Those hoses take the balls up to the upper levels where there are more ball guns. That contraption with the hand crank also takes balls up to the upper levels.

Kids will put balls in the intake, and they blow around in that globe for a while. Occasionally it’ll blow a load of balls out at everyone inside.

It’s not worth going way out of your way for, but if you’re a midwesterner and have kids that like to play with such things, eh, it’s all right. :smile:

Argh! Wish you’d posted this last week, when I was walking right past the building :frowning:

Looks wonderful!

Looks like a job for Ball Fondlers!

Coming at you from dimension channel Zeta5909!

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While I loved the Goethe Institute in Washington DC when I lived there for all the lectures and German films, I’m a bit surprised that Krakow has one – promoting German culture in the US is one thing, but in Poland…

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Definitely not your grandfather’s ball sucking.

Or your grandmother’s.


For the rest of the world WW2 did end 70 years ago, unlike the UK or the US were WW2 is apparently still raging on. Hitler is dead and germans no longer nazis, you know?


It’s a fun idea, but kind of a juvenile title. Is it funnier in Polish?

“Ah lurve you Popa.”

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