Sun printing is fun printing


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The boy child and I made this one a while back.


Lovely! I’ve been printing stuff on transparency paper and then xfering it to the sun paper. Kinda fun.


That’s a good idea. We limited ourselves to plants and trinkets but it would be fun to do both.


Hmm…I wonder how well it would handle halftones.


I dunno, I’ve only tried with printed letters and a few silhouette style prints.


Bonus: if you’re exposed to radioactive cesium, or other heavy metal toxins, you can eat the print as an antidote.


Good to know.

Good to know.


That’s lovely! Frame it, you should. :slight_smile:


For inspiration, Man Ray did a lot of work with the photogram.


Given the packaging, look like a pinhole camera setup would work with it.


I’ve wondered about this for years, but been unable to find any info on exposure. I expect using a pinhole setup (at what? f/120 or so?) would require a looooooooooooong exposure. Like, maybe days. And is there any reciprocity failure?


According to wikipedia, 10-20 minutes seem to be sufficient :


But that’s for doing an exposure outside of a camera, doing e.g. a contact print. A pinhole camera would be different – the flood of UV light that you would use under normal sunprint exposure conditions would be slowed to a trickle. f/120 is a tiny amount of light for an average-sized camera.


You beat me to it! In my first college photography class we started out with photograms, before even doing anything with cameras.

Like @jlw, I remember using the blue sun-sensitive paper as a kid. It was at summer camp—I remember using ferns, that I placed to look like pine trees in a landscape, and cutting block letters from paper to spell the name of the camp. Wish i still had that print.

Seems like jlw-and-kid’s prints could be really nice made into greeting cards—you could cut out letters for “Happy Birthday” or somesuch, or maybe use string to write it in cursive?


Very well. But of course with a lens you can take cyanotypes of images too.


Does that do grayscale?


Yep! You can even do proper photography with the process.


I mean does the ink jet transparency handle gray scale, or is it just a way of making high contrast graphics, the way it’s always demonstrated in every video I’ve watched so far?



oh, sorry, I misunderstood the question.

Cyanotypes can definitely handle greyscale, transparencies I have no idea about.