How to make vintage cyanotype photo prints

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Things that are really fun about cyanotype beyond printing photos:

  • You can make prints on watercolor paper and draw on top of them
  • You can make them on fabric and use that fabric for other projects (I’m myself planning a quilt with cyanotype prints)
  • You can use a thickener to silk screen the fluid onto the surface and make patterns
  • The chemicals are cheap! It’s a really fun kids activity!

Things that are not fun:

  • You’re gonna wanna stick it in a camera and I’m here to tell you it ain’t gonna work.
  • Shady days are your enemy. Using a grow lamp instead takes forever.
  • Compatible transparencies are expensive unless you have access to a laser printer.

How much time is 8.30 min for sun exposure?

Is that 8 hours and 30 minutes?
Could it be 8 hours and 18 minutes (0.30 x 60 min)?
Is it 8 minutes and 30 seconds?
Or is it 8 minutes and 18 seconds (0.30 x 60 sec)?

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