Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

Is anyone still listening to the alarm bells?

We can’t be sure.

Do we still have to keep ringing them?

I’m afraid so…


There is also the safety part of it as well. Not knowing what fascists are saying about what they want to do to people like me does not make me safer. There is a reason I linked to the wiki article on stochastic terrorism.

I am reminded of this Blackadder clip, except Empty actually believes what she is saying.

The right wing can tan their balls, stick plastic straws and light bulbs in raw meat or drink parasite infested water, it’s their body and their choice, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. What isn’t OK is the hate towards us for making choices that they don’t approve of, or forcing us to live as they choose to, or making violent comments in the hope that some “lone wolf” terrorist will attack or kill us.

There do seem to be a lot of lone wolves now. It’s almost like there is a large pack of them.


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I’m sorry. I never meant to suggest that we should stop pointing out her bullshit. I was trying to suggest that there may be unintended consequences.

Is boingboing and its bbs important enough to be forefront on the report that her staff most certainly compile to show her how much she is ‘owning the libz?’ Probably not.

I do sometimes wonder what the constant wallowing in their muck is doing to us though.

There are always unintended consequences. If we stop doing anything due to that, then we’ll never do anything. :woman_shrugging: We know what the right thing to do, which is to keep informed about what these insurrectionists are doing, and push for consequences for their actions.


All you need to know is he’s a vegan (aka intolerable oversharer), the son of a CEO (aka born with a silver spoon in his mouth) and a major Libertarian Party figure (aka the tallest man in Lilliput)

The real question as always is why Boing Boing gives him any air time at all. Just don’t look!


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yeah, that’ll work a treat.


Bit fucking harsh to judge somebody by their food lifestyle choice.


Thanks, you saved me the trouble of pointing out yet again that while I’ve met a lot of vegans by now, I’ve yet to meet a proselytizing vegan.

(Oops, guess I did point that out again. :person_shrugging: )


One of those three things does not belong there in explaining his behavior.


@Tamsin_Bailey and @milliefink:

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This terrible publicity stunt shares the approach the QOP will take if they re-take the congress.

And yet we still publish it and give her the free publicity. Worse still, our comments and reactions provide her a means to raise funding and drive her agenda forward.

These people feed off our anger and outrage. It is not our ridicule they fear, but irrelevance. I wish there was a better way to drive awareness of her ignorance and bigotry without providing all the publicity.

Edit to add: Like posting her nonsense for informational reasons but with a donate button to or something that we could donate to as a collective… rather than linking to page where we post meems and such.

It must be nice to be able to live in privileged ignorance.

This is not some trivial distraction for me, it is a direct attack on my existence. I need to know this so I am able to plan for my future survival.


I get it… I’m just looking for a way to inform and support without empowering her and her ilk. I have no answers.


This comes up so often. Do you really think the RWNJs are checking the bbs comment threads for input?
I guess I just don’t give them that much credit.


Why does boingboing give this guy so much attention? He is the epitome of petty trolling and I’m sure gets a rise every time he’s vilified.

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Unfortunately, yet again, being an obnoxious, ignorant asshole has become a proven profitable business model in our U.S. of A. I’m not sure amplifying this turd spewer is helping much, though at least it exposes Kari Lake’s tacit approval of hatred and stupidity.