Reddit's Trumpkins on the Vegas shooting, before and after they learned it was a rich old white man


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Fuck MAGA. Fuck Trump. Fuck Republicans. Fuck 'em all.


White people can’t be terrorists!



They made it compute: obviously it’s a false flag operation ordered by … antifa, probably? They’re a coherent national organization with that kind of logistical power, right?


I think everyone in the United States pretty much embraces things that align with their ideology and rejects things that don’t.


Yesterday I was just being snarky and sarcastic about the mass shooting in Vegas devolving into a false-flag looney-toon with the nut-wads on the alt-Reich, but, lo’ here we are.


And where exactly isn’t this the case? I’m genuinely curious, it sounds like paradise.


News flash…this “rich white old guy” and the “religious zealot terrorist” have the exact same motivation…

They are both assholes who don’t respect other human beings and only give a shit about themselves and their own personal agenda. Same person, dipshit.

also…we all know what Alan thinks…


It’s psychology bro.


I won’t be surprised one bit if they chop this guy’s head open and find a serious lesion/tumor in his brain. If this does happen, is he still evil? Or just really unlucky?


That’s not unique to the U.S. What is more prevalent here is that one of the major ideologies is demonstrably based in falsehoods, delusions and fantasy (its promoters will proudly note with disdain that those embracing the other major one are members of “the reality based community”).


When he dies (hopefully, very soon [which, dearest secret service reading this, I also hope is by perfectly natural causes]), I fully expect they’ll find either signs of Alzheimers and/or this:

Or maybe just a big bag of dicks floating around under that toupee.


It obvious, people! Those ANTIFA Marxists just hate country misic.


But some ideologies are better than others.


Yes, but there is a difference between embracing things that align with your ideology and making up things that there is no evidence for. These folks aren’t ideological, they’re delusional.


I hear they found a Bible in Paddock’s house.


Aren’t antifa a bunch of gay method actors hired to fake opposition to all the things that all Americans clearly view as true, support and vote for to a massive and disproportionate extent? You know because it’s clearly impossible to disagree with all that alt right “logic” and “research”? Or have a differing opinion on anything ever.

And who are the only people with the resouces and ingrained white baby hate needed to hire all those actors? George Soros and his satanist concubine Shillary Rodham.


The system (guy + tumour) is evil. If taking the tumour out makes him less evil, then it’s not the guy, though it might be difficult to determine after the criminal behaviour. Certainly unlucky, though.

Wait, are we talking about the Las Vegas shooter or Trump?


It’s obviously a double false flag operation by Alex Jones who wants you to think it’s an ISIS false flag operation.


I hope that the mental gymnastics it takes to literally blame Hillary for this massacre gives them brain damage. Not that it’ll make them less coherent.