Rep. Marie Newman responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene's anti-transgender sign

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I really don’t get why people think making a workplace toxic is such fun. But I wasn’t a bully or a Heather growing up, I was the outcast, the nerd. It must be some sort of miswired primitive tribal selfishness, I guess.


Oddly enough, there are plenty of nerds who turn bully later in life. Usually defending a perceived safe space, like an engineering team or gaming group. (It don’t make no sense to me either.)


Primates are tribal, and territorial. If you’re not part of the tribe, you shouldn’t be in the tribe’s territory.

I wish I could say it were more nuanced or complicated than that, but that’s all window-dressing. Empty Greene is literally flinging shit in attempt to drive out the interlopers.




Marjorie Taylor Greene is a troll. Don’t feed her.


This isn’t for the benefit of MTGreene or any other TER.

Trans people are under attack, literally in some cases, and knowing that cis people out there will stand with us and defend us can make life just a little bit more manageable.


Nazis don’t go away when you close your eyes. If you don’t want to see them, that’s fine. But don’t chastise others for fighting them head-on. We’re protecting your rights and well being as much as we’re protecting our own and those of our family and friends.


It’s nice to see someone who’s not a reactionary DINO represent my district (or have an actual Illinois Nazi like Art Jones as the Republican nominee)

TBH, I’m kinda surprised that AFAIK Dan Lipinski didn’t make this an issue and misgender Ms. Newman’s daughter in the primary last year.

EDIT: Is there a similar rule to Haggard’s Law for transphobes? Though perhaps in more of a “That’s my fetish” way.

EDIT2: don’t mean to kink shame, just hypocrisy shame.

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A fair few TERs watch trans porn “for research”. I’m not exactly sure what they think they are researching, as it is completely unrepresentative of anything other than what sex workers are told to do for the camera.

It has also been pointed out that TERs think about trans peoples genitals far more than trans people do.


I mean, that’s fair. Maybe it’s cis-ish male privilege showing, but when I’m doing my thing in the bathroom I’m not thinking “I wonder what form of genitalia the other person/people in here have and/or were born with?”

I’m just in there to (maybe) take a piss or take a shit, wash my hands, and get out.


I think the “Ted Cruz” approach is helpful. Hire a mariachi band to play outside her office every Tuesday. Taco Tuesday.


Marie Newman responds to Marjorie Whatserface

I was hoping the response would involve calling animal control, or gluing the door of her office shut with her inside, or something like that, but I guess giving her the attention she craves is also a response


You need a Papasan for that, have you got a Papasan sitting round, cuz I know a Papasan that can get it done…


There used to be a trick we would play at the engineering school I attended, which involved using a penny to jam the door latch shut…


3 years at military academy taught us many practical jokes, that one where you jam a hatch-way with a wad of paper and just walk up after they’ve been struggling with it for 30 minutes and effortlessly open it. Yeah, we had nothing better to do than tease each other, super glue was a go-to for me in those long ago days…


For the party of personal responsibility they sure seem to spend a lot of time getting into others’ business. It must be exhausting spending so much time worrying about what other people are (or aren’t) doing with their genitals.


I want to go back to the days when the Bottom Inspectors were just a parody of dystopian police states, rather than an everyday reality.


I think you are most likely correct, that the MT suit has decided that her “tribe” is not the USA or the House of Representatives, but her particular branch of the Republican Party, and even in there she probably differentiates between those who are in the in-clique, and those who are just cannon fodder.


Don’t feed the troll