Deleted video shows Marjorie Taylor Greene berating AOC through office mailbox slot

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@beschizza I honestly can’t tell if you shooped that still or not… what a fanatic, though.


The Age of Trump is not over. He unleashed the wild beasts and they are a threat to us all.

And the less power they have in government the more belligerent and violent they will get.


Nope! Just resized it up and “auto contrast” to get the most out of the potato-quality footage.



I would beg to differ. The Orange One did not release the beasts. The beasts released the Orange One. The Orange One is an effect, not a cause.

This is matters because if we have any hope to fix this, we need to fix the disease and not the symptom.


Christ, what an asshole.


So she gets to have her brownshirts just roam the halls with her? Talk about a hostile workplace.

(Hostile? Should have been here on 06 January!)


I did consider this when I was typing. I’d say it’s 50/50. He was certainly the result of decades of willful ignorance, hatred and partisanship, but he is also the the dam finally bursting. The GOP spent 8 years of Obama investigating everything they claimed was “worse than Watergate” but never impeaching. Then they bent over backwards to defend their own impeach-worthy president, and I sure do expect they are itching to impeach Biden or any other Democrat on purely invented BS as soon as they have a majority in congress.

There was a modicum of civility in congress before Trump. Now there is Marjorie Taylor Greene.


Thanks a lot, ugh.
I just lost my breakfast.


Isn’t this pseudo-restraining order material?


In small ways and large, the death-cult party is intent on undermining liberal democracy. The goal here is simply to turn the Capitol into a dysfunctional workplace of the sort usually dominated by conservative bullies.


there’s nothing pseudo about the restraining order this would get.

In any workplace with functional HR, loony tunes would be booted and AOC would have grounds for a harassment suit

In the Congress these are just “republicans”


“We pay your salary!”

Ok fine, how about if some random group of progressives did this to Taylor-Greene at her office now?

I’m not saying we should, but if she defends this harassment then she should be given the chance to put the shoe on the other foot.

In other words, if she or AOC are hired by the taxpayers to do a job, then you can’t really expect them to DO their job if every taxpayer came by to air grievances all day long.


Beyond the joking, this is HUGELY disturbing. Green is in need of a serious intervention (even a restraining order), but unfortunately her political status makes her untouchable these days. There aren’t many good options when you’re dealing with this level of messed up in Congress. And as much as I’d like to see AOC debate her and rip her a new asshole, there’s no win to that situation no matter how well she does. Giving in to Green only puts wind in her sails irrespective of the actual debate points.

Me, I’m holding out hope Green goes over the top and does something so egregious it gets her arrested. She’s the type, it’ll happen soon enough.


Embarrassing on so many levels. This sad state of affairs is what our glorious experiment has come to. It’s like primary school. Surprised she didn’t smear her snot on the doorknob.


By the same logic, AOC pays MTG’s salary, too. So what?


This Romper Room, hillbilly nonsense sums up the new GOP. If you want to embarrass yourselves that’s fine. Don’t drag the country down with you though.


WAAAAAYYYY past time for a restraining order on this * expletive deleted* but then again, that would just give her the publicity she so obviously craves. Hopefully most of the Q nuts will be forced to rethink their strategies once the indictments start dropping. Gaetz next week and you just know that little punk is going to sing.



No. We need to organize against her and others like her, and possible even send money to who ever ends up her opponent in her district (in both the primary and general). Harassing people, even those who are doing the same does not help anyone. It just adds more fuel to the Qanon beliefs that they are an oppressed minority.

She is not a hillbilly. She’s a business owner from the north ATL suburbs (not even the exurbs!) and was TOO extreme for that district, so she rented a Condo in Rome, GA (the largest city in the 14th, and a place with some level of sanity) and ran there, because she knew that the more rural parts of the 14th are ripe for Trumpism. She’s a carpetbagger. She’s never lived in the rural parts of the district she “represents” and doesn’t know what their actual struggles or needs are. She is a powerhunger elite. Full stop.