Rep. Jimmy Gomez introduces resolution to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene

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It’s the right thing to do, but House Democrats are the wrong people to do it. They’ll be “cancelling” MTG and the winners will be the Republicans.

MTG gives Dems ammunition for the next election every time she opens her mouth. It’s the Republicans that should be removing her from their caucus.


The right people to do it are the people who have the power and will to do it, preferably as soon as humanly possible. Right here, right now, that means the Democrats.

Winning elections is not a noble or worthwhile goal in and of itself. Winning elections only matters if one uses the power of the elected office to enact good policy and competent governance. Keeping MTG around doesn’t further those goals.


her, Cruz, Hawley, and Boebert have got to go. that’s a cabal of anti-democratic moles, right there.


You have to be in power to do the right thing.

MTG has already been removed from any committee’s where she had any power. So right now the only power she has is her vote, which is not going to be substantially different from whatever Repub her district votes in to replace her. And it’s not like she’s going to be the significant vote on anything.

Her biggest power is her megaphone. Expelling her increases the power of her megaphone.

On the Internet we’ve learned that you’re not supposed to feed the trolls. MTG is a troll, don’t give her a bigger megaphone.


Don’t forget about Cawthorn!


Y’all know that district is just gonna send someone worse, right? It’s like, REDNECK redneck up there.


Which the Democrats are. So it’s time for them to do the right thing.

Every day her position remains unchallenged it sends a message to the nation and world that her words and actions are within the spectrum of acceptable behavior for a United States congressperson.

It pushes the Overton window in the wrong direction, it allows a hateful and demented conspiracy theorist access to sensitive information, and it sets a precedent that helping lead an armed insurrection agains the United States is not enough to warrant expulsion from the legislature.

Then let them send someone who can follow the most fundamental laws and norms expected of a United States congressperson.


MTG/Qnut is the direct result of mollycoddling the Reich Wingers, time for the Dems to get the ass kicking a going. Waiting is not an option, we are on the threshold of a full on QNUT/KKKpublican/GQP/Nazi meltdown. You think Jan 6th was bad, wait and do nothing, you’ll see the fore-mentioned scum grow ten fold before our eyes.

@bryanlarsen That ship sailed, time for action, not inaction. You don’t negotiate with these terrorists, especially homegrown ones.


Wrong, this good woman is taking MTG & the Qnuts on & she is very well funded.


She’s playing procedural games to gum things up and her peers are humoring her.


So, expel her to the Qnut/Nazi hinter lands. Good bye and good riddance to humanities crap-stain.


Sometimes you do the right thing because that’s what you’re supposed to do. She should not be a member of the House. She’s odious, and her being in Congress sends a bad message about who we are as a country.

It’d be great if children always cleaned up after themselves. But they don’t, so the adults have to step in.


Ignoring fascists doesn’t make them ‘just go away.’

It actively enables them.


BTW friggen way:

This ain’t just about MTG, it’s about sending a message to all of them, yeah, ALL OF THEM!



While I fully believe the whole qanon caucus needs to go, this is one of the few issues that I agree should require a 2/3 majority to accomplish. The senate needing 2/3 to pass any legislation is ridiculous. Imagine if a presidential candidate needed 66% of the popular vote or even 66% of the electoral college (358 of 538) to win! There’s a reason it’s 270. In a democracy MAJORITY wins and that means any more than 50%. End of rant.

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Hear hear. Because:

I’ve watched the Dems sit out every major fight of my adulthood; the Iraq invasion, gun reform, the rise of the violent right, any meaningful resistance to trump and, honestly healthcare (I love Obama, but the ACA is shittier than Romneycare). This isn’t about playing any long game for the soul of America. America’s soul is being cannibalized by its demons and we are down to our last pound of flesh. This dark urge has got to be ground into dust today.

And I don’t use the word cannibalize lightly!


Dear Sister / Brother,

The time for fair fighting is well over, this is War, War on our soil with the most deceptive of all enemies we have ever faced, well funded, numbers that we have never seen before. This is a war for the soul of our Nation. You have to open your eyes, all of us, time is now, no time for guess work and friendly platitudes.


And yet they shirk that responsibility. Curious that.

MTG is a blatant fascist seated among the 546 most powerful elected officials in the most powerful government on Earth. Tell us again how publicly speaking out against her makes her critics and victims responsible for her fascism. Go ahead. Neville Chamberlain and I will wait. /s


Let’s be honest, this never was a fair fight. Since the GOP embraced their darkest impulses in the late 60s, they have become increasingly anti-democracy and anti-government. You may have a right to hold those beliefs, but you cannot govern from them.

It’s no mystery that, in spite of the Democratic Party doing everything they could to marginalize progressives and BIPOC people in their caucus, they are exactly the ones who delivered this election. Because they’ve only ever had the thinnest threads of democracy at work for them, they know exactly what’s at stake.