Kevin McCarthy finally admonishes Marjorie Taylor Greene, saying her Holocaust remarks were "appalling"

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Why do people call these remarks anti-semetic? I’m just really confused, not trying to be shitty myself. Sure, it’s shitty, self serving, insensitive and manipulative but I’m not understanding how it’s anti-jewish.


“Bad girl!” And five minutes later, he’ll assume the position.


Well, as Rep. Elise Stefanik is quoted in the post a saying, “Equating mask wearing and vaccines to the Holocaust belittles the most significant human atrocities ever committed.”

(Never mind for now that calling the Holocaust that in turn belittles other genocides. And also that Nazis didn’t try to wipe only Jewish people.)


Why is comparing the genocide of an entire people to having to wear masks in-doors to curtail the spread of a deadly disease disrespectful to said entire people?


Ok, I think I get what you are saying here that it’s more of a meta contextual thing than specific antisemetic comment. I think I may typically read such things more literally and narrowly than I could.


Again, privileged White Americans want to assume victim glamor – so everything they don’t like is “just like slavery” or “just like the Holocaust.” To answer the commenter who doesn’t get how it’s anti-Semitic, it’s because, while it might intend to blow up the drama of mask wearing to make it as bad as the Holocaust, it ends up minimizing the Holocaust to be only as annoying as wearing masks. It’s an attempt by people with no real threats to steal the mantle of victimization from true victims.

Ever since civil rights, mainstream White Americans were horrified to see that their victims could parlay their victimhood into sympathy and gain some small political advantage sometimes. Since many White Americans have to have everything that everybody else has (including, perversely, victimhood), they have to claim that everything that bothers them makes them a victim.

This is just a personal preference, but I hate when the stars are referred to as “gold stars”, which is something my 3rd grade teacher handed out for a job well done. They were yellow stars. And they were part of a set of marks that certain classes of people had to wear, including the pink triangle for homosexuals and black or brown triangles for Roma. See here for more.


MTG should bill her 2022 opponents for all the great material she’s providing for their attack ads.


Admonish Marjorie Taylor Greene? No, expel her from your caucus & the House.


mccarthy kowtows to the orange imposthume and whines “Greene is starting to cost us money! Can we publicly admonish her now?” trump sez: “szzrnrrroooz… sure, whatever, you @#!n toad” and here we are. So goes the proud party ‘of Lincoln’


Primarily, because it’s downplaying the seriousness of the Holocaust, which was the targeted mass murder of 6 million Jewish people, not asking people to wear a mask during a public health crisis.


It trivializes the systematic murder of seven million people?


Five days to respond to that garbage. McCarthy is competing for top spot amongst the world-class cowards and opportunists of the GOP caucus. He also gives Gohmert a run for his money when it comes to stupidity.


Did we learn nothing from 2016? Giving idiots breathless outraged media coverage makes them heroes to an apparently substantial chunk of the voting population. We don’t need this whacko to think she should run for POTUS.


You want more specific antisemitic comments? Because she’s made more specific antisemitic comments.

Remember the “Jewish Space Lasers?” That’s an actual thing she’s put out there.


Ignoring white supremacists has never helped the problem. We’re here in part, because we did just that for a few decades prior to 2016.


If only. Yes, she ran unopposed the last time (opponent quit for family reasons… or maybe “family” reasons, I don’t know), but I imagine in her little corner of Hell that she represents, she understands what resonates with them.

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We can still condemn her rhetoric and ideology, and that of her fellow travellers, without feeding attention to every single idiot outburst. We don’t need to feed networks dedicated to misinformation Streisand effects like this.

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