Marjorie Taylor Greene's bigoted drive to detransition as many people as she can

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene's bigoted drive to detransition as many people as she can | Boing Boing

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Surely they should be able to support their nonsensical “think of the children!” rhetoric by finding a bunch of now-adult people who were tragically pressured into gender reassignment procedures against their will as teenagers, right?


She’s currently exploiting this young person.


What an ugly mess.

No child has a solid grasp on their “identity”

I recall being pretty solid on my gender identity when I was a teen. I assume Greene probably was as well.


Won’t go anywhere, but she’s going to keep driving this toxic train in the hopes it’ll drum up a few more GOP votes. Meanwhile, she’s exploiting some young person who claims to have detransitioned and talks about their changes as if it were abuse and not choices they and their parent(s) made, but none of it is clear and it all sounds fishy and made up… but I am also very biased on this topic and cannot say. I suspect they are glossing over or excluding portions that cast them in a bad light or undermine the story they are sharing, but until there’s more info and a real journalist willing to dig into it, there’s no telling how much is real and how much has been fabricated.



I have a friend who is trans who has the misfortune to live in district that MTG “serves”. My friend has been through a ton of shit in her life, and I’m fucking pissed off that she has to live THERE… It’s fucking enraging what people like MTG are trying to do to this country…


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I was at a family gathering a few years ago where several of my relatives talked about how I was insistent I was a girl when I was 2 (this was a shock to me, I thought that started later), depressed and withdrawn when I was 6 and couldn’t cope with societal gender segregation, and suicidal at puberty. I tried to transition after I dropped out of sixth form at school and was threatened with being thrown out of my home by my mother. When I finally found somewhere else to live I rapidly started transitioning, and people would comment on how much happier I was. This was before the fascists ruined all that, because how dare I live my life on my own terms.

Empty Green, High Priestess of Moloch, won’t care about that. She firmly believes a dead (apparently) cis child is worth more than a live trans child. Expect child suicide rates to jump if she gets her way.


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Christ, what an asshole.


This is really starting to wear on me.


A few years ago when this panic started, I never thought we’d have gotten to this point this quickly. Luckily, as I mentioned in another thread, I am much stronger than I realized.


I question this account. Blockers at 13, i can see. Mastectomy at 15? Where? No one does gender confirmation surgery on minors. It is just not done. Just like the 9 month abortions, which also are just not a thing, but you would think it happens every day listening to the fascists. But why worry about facts? They just get in the way, right?


I had to wait until 17 to get a very needed breast reduction.
I am not normally someone who doubts another person’s lived experience, I try to take people at their word. But came out as trans at 13, got mastectomy at 15, and decided she wasn’t trans at 16? She also claims the “social contagion” bullshit- that she came out as trans because she saw how much love and support queer people were getting and was lonely and had no friends.
So sus. Even if everything she said is a true thing, then it was a incredible outlier. Not anywhere near the experience I have read/heard from trans people. We certainly shouldn’t be outlawing care for everyone because of a single person’s bad experience. If what she says is true, then a lot of people failed her and allowed her to make choices she probably shouldn’t have. But it shouldn’t be a reason to take away medical care from other people. She’s allowing herself to be used as a weapon against others people.
It strikes me also that these stories seem to follow a pattern

The ‘damsel trope’ is prevalent in these stories
Most of the detransitioners in recent coverage are young, white, slim, and assigned female at birth (AFAB). In the worst examples, a shocked, voyeuristic attention is paid to their bodies. There may be close-ups of their faces, fetishistic asides about their ‘female’ features — small legs, delicate arms, tiny hands — and hushed mentions of mastectomies or hysterectomies. Most strikingly, the subjects of these articles are often painted as helpless, as being shuttled through trans healthcare on a kind of conveyor belt. There’s rarely any real recognition of the agency they would have been obligated to exercise at various points in the transition process.

There’s a common trope in these stories that existence as a woman is so terrible that transitioning is a kind of escape hatch out of womanhood. Not only does this ignore the vast majority of women who don’t transition, it foregrounds AFAB people as passive victims. Misogyny is pervasive and powerful, but the idea that misogyny means that AFAB people can’t be trusted to make informed decisions about their gender — or that sufferers of various gendered traumas, such as sexual assault and eating disorders, can’t make informed decisions about their gender — is both baseless and sexist. Social possessiveness over AFAB people’s femininity, and their ability to bear and nurse children, is also textbook sexism.
Why Everything Transphobes Think About Detransition Is Wrong | Autostraddle


They don’t seem to think AFAB individuals can trusted with much of any decision-making, so this very much fits the pattern. “Let’s go back to when the little women just let the menfolk handle all those hard choices, so the ladies can keep their attention on looking pretty.” :face_vomiting:


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Yeah, from everything I’ve heard, that’s just not a thing. The only time I can see someone that young getting a mastectomy would be if they had breast cancer at that age (which is incredibly rare, but I guess could happen that young).


The story sounds remarkably like the detransition story used here in the UK to spearhed a smear campaign that was championed and funded by the usual GC crowd here.

What an odd coincidence. Surely the GOP wouldn’t stoop so low as to plagiarise a story…


Are the “reeducation” camps in this bill or the next?