Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

It’s not platforming if you’re critical about what the fascists are saying and take a firm stand against them. The failure of the corporate media is that they don’t do those things, or downplay and euphemise what he’s saying. People need to understand that, in addition to his many other repulsive characteristics, he’s an anti-Semite.


Ah, yes- that’s a helpful distinction. The difference, then, is taking what they say and surrounding it in proper context and critique. Not letting them speak to their audience unchecked, in other words.

That’s helpful, thank you! This was bothering me this morning.

Ugh, yes. So much this. It’s so frustrating that big media still won’t take a stand against fascism and call this stuff out. They are clinging to their “both sides get an equal voice” nonsense so hard that they’re going to sink us all with it. Objectivity is good in news reporting of course, but there’s a point where they’re trying so hard to find an objective voice in a crazy situation that they completely lose the plot.


It is a delicate balance but I think the key distinction is that we cannot allow the bigots a direct platform to broadcast their bigotry unchallenged.

Trump’s followers aren’t coming to platforms like BoingBoing to hear what he has to say filtered through a critical viewpoint. They’re getting the message straight from the horse’s ass.


Only a fraction of the stupid and self-aggrandizing bile he spews makes the news.

We don’t need to know what he had for lunch. We do need to know when he’s riling up his followers to commit hate crimes.


Pretending you can rid yourself of Nazis by ignoring them is like pretending you can rid yourself of cancer by ignoring it.


It’s ironic that Trump had his Twitter account suspended and yet we still have to constantly be bombarded with his posts from other platforms as though nothing ever happened. Why do we give this shirtbird a platform? You’re just giving him what he wants.



so so tired of hearing about this guy. if you had a guy like this living next door to you, with antisemitic rants and conspiracy theories all the time, would you continue to sidle on up to the fence line to engage? why encourage that? this is the same case on a larger scale. let him shout into the wind.


Please proceed directly to Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant


sorry, i don’t agree.

I don’t particularly care, I was just pointing you to the topic where this is discussed. To death. Innumerable arguments for and against calling assholes out for their behavior. Have fun if that’s the discussion you want to have.


Were you forced to sidle up to the fence to read this article and then discuss it?

Or did you choose to?


I came here on purpose cos I’d read all the other topics. I should go back to my book. It’s a pretty good book too.


The best way to put out a dumpster fire is to shut the lid so it doesn’t get any oxygen.

Just ignoring evil doesn’t make it go away.


Indeed. Far too often, ignoring this sort of thing is more in the service of making some people feel more comfortable rather than fixing the problem at hand.


It amazes me people keep saying things like this about Ye of all people, someone who literally just started facing consequences for the hate he has been promoting because of the attention it got.

We really think it would have been better if he could go on Fox to talk up some racism, and then go right back to selling shoes like it was nothing? Really?


Some dumpster don’t have lids or the plastic just melts.

That’s why you buy a fire extinguisher or have a hose handy.


Anything that works…:man_shrugging:

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Ignoring the shitty people only works if you can get everyone to ignore then.

This might work with your racist uncle at the family dinner, but it’s not going to happen in the whole society.