Sunlight reflected by building melts car


Sounds like the Vdara in Las Vegas.


Architectural monument to money destroys wheeled monument to money.

The real question is, who has the bigger penis?


So what happens if you look at this building from the wrong angle? Does it burn the inside of your eyes? Will it light your hair on fire if you use too much product? Myth Busters can get another full season out of this one building.

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As a former Jaguar owner, this seems entirely plausible.


Easy solution: solar panel canopy.

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In Rafael Vinoly’s defence, he p’bly never expected London to have enough sun to sustain a Vdara-calibre fryscraper.


I had a friend a decade or so ago that bought a used Jag. Lovely car. Very nice inside, great riding. She should have bought two, though.
Talk about a POS when it came to anything that actually needed to WORK.

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British cars are known for many things, reliability not normally one of them.


Are they sure the car didn’t just melt on it’s own? I mean it is a Jag, maybe it was an electrical issue.

You probably can’t blame the developer for not planning on the possibility of a sunny day in England.

Boom! Double burn! Work in something about warm beer and we have a hat trick.


Something like this happened at the Last Gasp Publishing office, but it involved a fun-house mirror and a taxidermy two-headed calf.


Guy should do all of us a favor and get in a fight with Jaguar about selling us cars made out of plastic.

I want real metal bumpers back, please.

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If you find someone slowly walking through the Docklands area with a well-marinated, foil-wrapped, pork shoulder butt in a wheelbarrow, that’ll be me.


That is where you are wrong. This is a fully functioning battle station


Totally incidentally, also designed by Rafael Viñoly… A man who apparently can’t resist putting concave parabolic reflectors in the wrong place.


Even mentioning warm beer constitutes a dig, so; Kudos.

Optics in service of the 99%

A friend of mine gave me (for free, so that should tell you what he thought it was worth) a 1987 XJ6 a few years ago. As you say, lovely car, very nice inside, great riding. But it ran on five cylinders and would not shift out of first gear until you’d driven it around the block (at around 17 mph tops) for a solid six minutes first.

I did the sensible thing and performed a Chevrolet engine and tranny swap on it, using the drivetrain from a 1993 Chevy Caprice. Runs like a top now. I recommend to anyone who likes these older Jags and can spin a wrench a conversion kit from John’s Cars in Texas. No welding or cutting or fabricating required, everything works, all mounts and custom wiring and air conditioning hoses custom-tailored to your specific application, and it all looks and works like it was built that way from the factory. Some day I think I’ll do an XJS. They can be had surprisingly cheap, since everyone hates their original drivetrains so much.

As for this burned one, I have to congratulate the building itself on its taste. Those new Jags are absolutely hideous.


Whoa, that’s really cool. You should be proud. UK luxury, USA power. :smile:
You’re story reminded me -
I knew a guy that had an early 80’s BMW 3 series that would shut down if you made a hard right turn… He used to have to make deliveries in that car. Every day.

Oof. Ultimate Driving Machine, huh? A buddy of mine used to have a 1981 Honda Accord 4-door sedan. It was briefly fashionable in El Cajon to mount BMW badges on those early Accord sedans, 'cause then they looked strikingly similar to those early 3 series BMWs. Sounds like they may have been more reliable, too.

It’s funny to me how expensive those 1980s Jags and BMWs were, since they were such POSes. My Jag was a top-of-the-line Vanden Plas model that would have gone for $35,550 in 1987, and that adjusts to over $70,000 in 2012 dollars. Somehow, the original owner got 183,000 miles out of the original drivetrain before he gave it to me, but only after spending an ungodly amount of time and money on repairs over the years. Now, even with the relatively bulletproof Chevy drivetrain, I’d be hard-pressed to get more than three grand for the car.

Oh, well. I like it.

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