☭ Sup Marxists? ☭


If you want perpetual hairstyle, you need a Trotsky cut.




I love how the top of the article goes into the typically Floridian sleaziness of how the fortune was acquired in the first place.



Please do feel free (as in beer speech) to participate in this topic I made about where the left’s media is hiding, and strategies for its future:






Sadly, it doesn’t have a picture of the Houses of Parliament after they have been turned into a dung market.




I know this is supposed to be the Marxist page, but don’t you wonder what the other side are up to?


More Jacob Applebaum fallout


Ever since the alt-right started prattling on about “sovereignty”, I’ve been mildly obsessed with figuring out just what the hell they mean and then deconstructing it.
Another blow struck against this illusion.



Holy shit! I thought Jack Chick died.



I have been scrolling through their tweet discussion, and I can’t find any explanation of what bothers people about this. I am kind of indifferent to it. People posting a few panels seem to feel that is adequate context to explain whatever it is “supposed to be”. Maybe I am failing to jump to some obvious conclusion here.


It feels like it is what Jack Chick would have written about SJWs.


But what I see is merely a depiction. The difference with Jack Chick is that he would have offered some judgemental interpretation of what the depiction means through the lens of his ideology. Instead all I get is lots of hints that people find the depiction unflattering, but I am supposed to just guess why. But I don’t have enough context to form an opinion.


“But what do you mean? Why won’t someone answer me!”