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Quarterly bonuses have been restricted to Nonklematura only this year Comrade, due to the excesses of the Degenerate Capitalist Banking System. However, in recognition of your Juche Spirit, we are sending you a commemorative egg incubator thermometer to help you spawn new Little Ones for the Revolutionary Cause.

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Oh, well, he seems to be gone. Or his comments, at any rate. Prolly shouldn’t have waved them around like a… photojournalist, that’s what I was going to say.

Actually, the account seems to have vanished, having been digitally salted to a depth of 6 feet.

Ensure your viewing habits are sufficiently proletarian with the handy-dandy Pretentious-o-meter!

Esquire interviews Rosie Huntington Whitely which is where I learned that Eve Ensler was consulted on-set for about a week.

How Mad Max: Fury Road Could Become the Most Surprising Feminist Triumph of the Year

Has this been posted in here before?

Guilty Pleasures - how to critique while still enjoying.

Found inside of the somewhat-relevant Feminism Ain’t Easy: That Time Joss Whedon Used Our Tweet to Call a Jurassic World Clip Sexist (in case you haven’t heard, JW has deleted his Twitter account, o noes!)./


Let’s talk about the “nanny state.”

Well, this doesn’t seem to be much other than a slightly more couth version of the OP, original gangsta AB DooDoo.

I can’t tell if VR is being funny and invoking Poe’s law or not. :confused:

But, it got me thinking, and researching. Seems that the “nanny state” has been a favourite tool in of rhetorical propaganda of the conservative right.

For their part, regressives seem to revel in the opportunity to fling the term. (NB: yucky thoughts await)

Hell, they even have their own attempt at a humor blog with that name.

If we were critical theorists, I’m sure we could analyze how the use of “nanny state” is always used in a negative context, and how those negative associations might translate into further individual and cultural devaluation and denigration of child-rearing, nurturing, education, and teaching brats some fucking manners.

If folks can find instances where “nanny state” isn’t a coded dog-whistle for “let boys be boys,” please share.




The artist who lays eggs with her vagina – or why performance art is so silly


In my work, seriousness was essential, otherwise the jokes fall flat.

In my work, jokes were essential, otherwise the seriousness would dissipate.

Why do I compare a joke to a poorly-made cake?
Why do I think seriousness is a gas (a form of matter, ungraspable, boundless, evanescent, chaotic and ghostlike[1])?

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Remember our classy friend, from the beginning?

He’s keeping it classy:


I think he’s trying fertilize his brain by keeping his head up his ass. Alas, I doubt this will be fruitful.


Oh… no, no, no… dudes just “keepin’ it real” and is a “voice for truth in a world dominated by libruhals”… /s


So he brags of needing to monetize misogyny/racism, because of Freedoms.

Calling him a loathsome shithead isn’t making his actions illegal.

my support for reproductive rights stems from the belief that no woman should be forced to pump out another man’s babies 'til she dies. There are plenty of great-great-great-great-grandmothers in my family whose lives consisted of just that. I like to think that such a situation is absurd in this day and age, but people like ABDada just keep on bringing it up again.

Reviving the Female Canon: Despite their influence in the 17th century, the era’s women thinkers are absent from historical anthologies of philosophical works. A group of scholars is trying to change that.


Looks like that link was broken. Try this:


(Cross-posted in a MMFR thread)

This is for real: Men’s rights activists call for boycott of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ citing feminist agenda

Worried that I was falling for some hoax-joke that other outlets fell for, I did some investigative reports (bing).

Holy crap, he’s for realz:


My Response to the “Fury” Over “Mad Max: Feminist Road”

However, despite the hubbub and drama, I am rapidly being proven right. The movie is increasingly looking like a feminist film, and so to (if you’ll forgive the term) “raise awareness” to this fact I started a hashtag on twitter that I hope catches on. #madmaxfeministroad Hopefully, (unless the movie proves otherwise) we can save a lot of people a lot of money and a lot of time, and again, I am more than happy to watch the movie if it proves NOT to have a lecture on feminism or SJWing, etc. in it.

(I might also add that this is how you handle the liberal media, in case any spineless conservative politicians needed a couple pointers.)

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Can’t find it now, natch, but someone on Twitter was complaining about it and saying how obvious it was that the director of the new Mad Max had never watched the original films.


Here’s one of the comments on the “apologia” post I excerpted above:


Thanks for your article. I now will pass wasting money on another ruined franchise. Pitch Perfect 2 would be a better movie for teaching masculinity to your sons. [emphasis added]

Do we need to teach masculinity and femininity to our sons and daughters? Because if we don’t they’ll get it wrong … and get a crappy job?

After one of my miniature “I really don’t give a hoot about the SuperBowl” rants over the phone, my mother-in-law said “but what if your son wants to learn about sports, who will teach him?”

He’s worried he’ll like it.


If you don’t talk to your son about masculinity…someone else will?