Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. Doug, Everything Bagel, Eastworld, & MORE!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Super-Fun-Pak Comix features Percival Dunwoody, Idiot Time Traveler from 1909, Social Justice Warrior, Superhero Epic (Part the First) and MUCH MORE!


Man, Doug was deep.


I suppose you eat this Ultimate Everything Bagel by just eating the bagel at the center of everything, like eating just the cream at the center of an Oreo, and not eating Everything. But does that mean that the Everything is discarded, like when you pick peppers off a pizza? That is, could you take the Everything back home in a doggy bag to finish later? Or is the Everything just back to owning itself, as the bagel that at one point connected to all of it no longer exists? Could you keep a small part of the bagel around to continue owning the Everything?

Does the first Everything Bagel contain all future Everything Bagels as parts of its topping, or are all Everything Bagels equal? Maybe both are true, like the Universe Boxes in Futurama, and each Everything Bagel contains all other Everything Bagels .

But the Everything Bagel necessarily includes the one consuming it as part of itself, and as one cannot consume the self, it is logically impossible (not just practically impossible) for a Everything Bagel to be fully consumed. Or even owned, in any meaningful sense, as again the owner is a constituent part of the bagel. But once the bagel is no more, I presume the titles of (former) owner and consumer can be valid post hoc.

I can’t sleep. My mind is racing. This bagel thing is too much.


The bagel is of topology genus 1. The non-bagel rest of the universe is of topology genus 1. The two are linked. Break the bagel and the change in genus to zero instantly propagates to the rest of the universe.

You probably have to smoke quite a lot before this becomes interesting. But it’s totally worth it.


The first two frames of “Superhero Epic” are something that needed to be said.


I’m really glad that Boing Boing is such a comic-friendly place. Today was a great day for comics here, and @AndreaJames recent post on How to Draw a Black Lady still has me going back and rereading it and the other strips by CM Campbell, et al.

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These comics are eerie. It’s like I’m reading the funny pages in the newspaper except these are actually funny. Weird, man.

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Wow, this might be the best Super-Fun-Pak Comix ever!

I particularly liked this Dunwoody, Idiot Time Traveller!


Poor Doug, his brief span was but the punchline of a capricious Creator. :grinning:

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