Super-Fun-Pak Comix: How to Not Draw Doug, Axnon Duul, and MORE!

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“Footprints In The Sand”, tho.

Top notch. mwaaah


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Goddamn that Percival Dunwoody is fucking bleak. “You’re a time traveller! How can you bet on the losing team?” And Percival just stares blankly at the screen and says “In six months, this money will be worthless.”

In six months, Percival will have fled whatever apocalyptic event has caused these pieces of paper to no longer be a viable trade medium. Hyperinflation? The complete fall of the US government? Nuclear war? Entire planetary destruction? The lock on this prison planet is finally broken, and everyone rushes out, free of the shackles of a scarcity economy? He doesn’t say. But he knows. And he will escape. And his acquaintance will not.

Or perhaps this is the end of Percival Dunwoody, Idiot Time Traveler from 1909, and his acquaintance will kill him in their attempt to make Percy cough up the details. Or manage to steal his time machine, leaving Percy to face whatever is about to render this currency worthless, and future Super-Fun-Pak Comix will bring us the exploits of Scumbes “Barfly” Carter, Idiot Time Traveler from 2025.


Hanging on to this for the next time any blog I frequent posts a story about PETA or Beyond Meat or whatever and comments are flooded with angry evangelical omnivores.


God, I really need to stop drawing Doug


This comic is really firing on all cylinders - all of these are really hitting. (Even the “Star Wars comic strip” is a nice reference to how much modern media production gets unnecessarily tied into franchises - original work getting watered down, and cliches trying to elevate themselves by meaningless association.)

Yeah, my reaction was, “Damn, that’s daaaaark.” Especially for a Dunwoody comic - which paradoxically makes it funnier, given the extended set-up of the past comics.


I’ve met those people. They barely qualify as omnivores.

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I’ve never drawn Doug, but today I realized that I was not drawing Doug all wrong.


Gawd these are good.


I think I need to replace my browser links to time-wasting sites with How to Not Draw Doug.


Thats my new band name!


Although despite the bizarre anger of carnivores against vegans, the people whom vegans most inconvenience are standard vegetarians, despite them being considerably more common than vegans. I’m not the first person to notice that finding standard vegetarian dishes on restaurant menus is becoming difficult as many restaurants decide that they’ll make their one or two non-meat-based entries vegan so they won’t have to bother with separate vegan and vegetarian options. Which means finding vegetarian dishes with actual cheese rather than artificial vegan cheese made from god-knows-what is becoming difficult.

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It makes sense logistically, I guess. Veggies can eat vegan stuff, but not the other way around. I’ve similarly seen places make their vegan stuff GF so that it covers most foor restrictions in one fell swoop.

Though as you note, it might mildly inconvenience vegetarians who really really prefer the much grosser god-knows-what that goes into dairy cheese than the god-knows-what that goes into vegan cheese. (Just joking - as someone with a partner that has very specific allergies to very specific plants and proteins, the variety of vegan cheese bases, when not properly documented on a restaurant menu, can be a pain in the butt).


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