Super Mario themed recipe: mushroom stuffed 1-up pizza rolls


It’s sad that any one wanting a Super Mario Pizza Mushroom roll is probably 35 now.

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woe be upon the child who bites into this cupcake-shaped pizza roll

I want to make these right now! They look delicious and fun.

I’m still 34 until next February, kind sir. And you can bet that my kids will know about Mario at some point - maybe they’ll hate me for that a bit less, if I bake these while I try to explain the cultural relevance of 8-bit sprites running across fantasy lands.


i always wondered what they would taste like

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Does this remind anybody of the poison mushrooms in the real version of Super Mario Bros 2 (not the Doki Doki Panic modification)? I think I’ll wait until everybody else has had a bite first.

All mushrooms are edible—Once.

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It’s also sad that I still think of Nintendo-nostalgia as being for the youngens – us early 40s types are nostalgic for the previous generation of video games – Atari 2600/Colecovision/Odyssey 2/Intellivision, but I’d imagine to anyone younger than either group would see both generations of video games as equally archaic.

Oh my gosh. You’re right! I sort of want to mess around and make red mushrooms too.

I’m 33 years old, and have played a lot of video games. Still my favorite gaming experience has to be Super Mario III. I still play that when I want to feel better or carefree.

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