The producer of Super Mario Odyssey blows minds with with revelation that Toad's hat is really his head


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Oh, that’s freaky.


Well otherwise they’d just be wearing hats on top of their other hats. I don’t know what that means for using mushrooms for power-ups however. Does Mario eat brains to gain power?


Now I’m imagining some sort of zombie power up. Man, Mario could get even darker.


Wait - this was a question? I’ve always figured that the various mushroom people just had giant spotted heads. Because they’re mushroom people.

The freaky one is Toadette. Who has purple pigtails coming out of her purple spotted head.


Not Mario, but in the Wario Land games, Wario can indeed turn into a zombie, just not via toad prions.


Oh heavens, yes.


80’s kids know Toad’s secret answer already


Man, mario’s world is already dark as fuck.
I mean, the only hero the bizarre mushroom mutants can turn to is an offensive communism cosplayer/plumber/70’s pornstar who mass murders his way to the opposing country’s king, bowser, and then dunks the poor guy into molten lava to break up bowser’s obviously political marriage with princess toadstool.

Which of course makes things worse, as evidenced by the later conflicts of the so called “mario world” 2/3/4/5…etc


Of course, the koopas also take off their shells, so maybe don’t read too much into it…



My theory is that at this point, alternate kidnapping/rescuing is just Mario/Peach/Bowser’s “thing”. It keeps the relationship interesting, y’know?


If Toad actually existed, then I’d be worried.




I think it has way more to do with gen-X projecting dark cynicism onto everything they see.


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