Super Retro-Boy plays real carts

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The game boy advance’s second set of bottoms are shoulder bumpers: It’s a real pity if players are expected to use the the additional buttons next to a+b as these buttons. The shoulder buttons often acted as modifiers needing to be used at the same time as a or b.

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They are labelled “L” and “R,” so it looks like, yeah, the shoulder buttons have been turned into face buttons, which significantly hampers their utility, and likely makes several games unplayable.

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I’d rather have the same case and such but have it be an emulator instead of taking cartridges.

It looks like a decent piece of hardware, but L/R not being shoulder buttons is a real killer. Metroid games aren’t gonna work, and F-Zero is gonna be a bit trickier (depending on what vehicle you’re using).

I’ve still got my GBA SP, but my current preference for playing vintage games is a PSP with custom firmware and emulators. Bigger, brighter screen and it fits my big hands better than the SP does. The ability to save game state through the emulator is also a big plus in my current life with limited gaming time.

I paid about $100 for my PSP on eBay a couple years ago. I imagine they’re less now, so right in the same ballpark as this device in question. On a side note, I paid I think $35 for my GBA SP probably 8 years ago, but from talking to some younger relatives who are into the retro gaming thing, they’ve gone up due to demand.

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